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Mi ki > Oh no! Not the WIND!

Mia Macy

"Jealous much?"
Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 1:34pm PST 
Someone else MUST be having this problem... Fredo has been having anxiety attacks whenever the wind kicks up and whistles. I have no idea why; I've had him sine puppy-dom and this only started about 4 months ago. We get a lot of wind and his attacks last for hours. He won't lay down; he walks in circles (literally); pants, and shakes. We need HELP!
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Hair Not Fur!

Cheese, please!
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '07 10:28am PST 
I'm the proud owner of a 7 month old Miki (Dogster search: Fredo, Kennett Square) who needs a companion. As I have an allergy to fur, we're in search of a pal with hair. I don't really know that many breeds which have only hair, so I could use an education!

Fredo is an extremely high energy pup, 100% housetrained and has graduated puppy school (Most Socialable!). Big dog or small - we have a fenced yard with losts of running room and a dog door for easy access in and out. If you know of anyone who might be looking for a loving home for their HAIR dog, please contact us! Or if you can suggest specific breeds which might be good companions, are non-allergenic, AND available (tried to get a Labrodoodle latetly?), I would sincerely appreciate a list!
Thanks y'all!
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Mi ki > WHere's My Cat-like Dog?


Cheese, please!
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 3:05pm PST 
I love love love my Fredo. However, when my husband found the breeder then began reading about the Miki, he was under the impression that this little Mr. Man would be somewhat more calm than is actually the case. Fredo never stops moving - just like me. Does the cheese stand alone here?thinking
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