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Siberian Husky > HELP!! I\'m ready to call the breeder and see about a return for my 3-month old Siberian Husky!!!


why can't i chew- shoes?
Barked: Sun Aug 3, '08 7:48pm PST 
Both of my huskies have done the same thing. All they are are furry kids. They just get to this stage where they realize what's going on and rebel! Don't worry... it does get better. This stage will not last very long. I think it lasted about 3-4 weeks with both of my siberians. You just have to get through it and stick to whatever your form of training and consequences are. If you are going to give up, this may not be the right breed for you. Best of luck!
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Siberian Husky > Light Red Huskies

i'm a blue-eyed,- redbrown- haired lover
Barked: Tue Jul 8, '08 9:14pm PST 
i'm a red/white husky. my picture here makes me look darker, but i'm actually pretty lightly colored on my back. my heads a bit darker red, though.
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Siberian Husky > ✔ A head-count of all the Dogster Huskies ✔


i'm a blue-eyed,- redbrown- haired lover
Barked: Tue Jul 8, '08 9:07pm PST 
my name is maddy. i'm a blue-eyed redish brown/white pure-bred siberian husky. i'm only 4 months old right now. i love to play fetch , especially with tennis balls! i'm a cuddler. i'll let anyone hold me and love on me. i think i'm a fierce player, but my mom just tells me i'm silly. i have on older brother: blue- eyed chocolate/white pure-bred siberian husky. he's a little over a year old.

the link to my page is:
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