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Service & Therapy Dogs > SDs in chairs??

Rocket's- Aaerro - SD

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Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 3:21pm PST 
I have to admit I have had Aaerro on a seat, but it wasn't in a restaurant (Thank God). The idea of doing that to Aaerro drives me nuts, LOL. We Were on a super busy bus and my Cart was already taking up one seat space, and there was no room for Aaerro to lay down under the seat. I laid my jacket over the spot behind the cart and Aaerro had a chance to look out the window.

And while we're talking about Ediquette - I've fed Aaerro at a restaurant table, but it was training treats. Some would find this appalling, others would see it as necessary. Aaerro's very food motivated and to not train her by using that method would get no results. If I feed her an actual meal, I take her to the bathroom and give her her food in a corner away from patrons.

Ideas? Comments?thinking
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Lurcher > Why are lurchers quite unpopular?
Rocket's- Aaerro - SD

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Barked: Tue May 11, '10 9:46pm PST 
Lurchers aren't very popular around here in central Canada except among some farming folk who use 'Staghounds' to hunt just about everything from deer to wolves. Local Staghounds are usually crossed with Irish Wolfhounds or Greyhounds and any number of hunting breeds, as long as the result is large (30 inches or larger), fast and capable of bringing down prey. There's a race to the west of my home town where a motorcycle is run, dragging a lure behind it that pits these Staghounds against eachother is a fun family event. Some folks have even bought racing line Greyhounds to breed with their Staghounds because of this yearly event!

On an amusing note- they use a motorcycle because their dogs couldn't or wouldn't chase a standard coursing lure on a pulley system! It completely baffled them as to why a large dog would chase rabbits but be completely oblivious to a lure on a line...hamster dance
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Choosing the Right Dog > Italian greyhound vs. Whippet vs. Greyhound

Rocket's- Aaerro - SD

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Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 12:25pm PST 
I've lived with Whippets and currently I'm slave to a Whippet/IG cross named Aaerro ^.^ . The biggest difference, I've noticed, between my Whippet/IG cross and the purebreds is that Aaerro is HYPER. She's much more active than the purebreds I've lived with, dog sat and raced with. She has no problems bouncing off everything. Sleep on the back of the futon? Sure! Table surf to eat they cats' food? No sweat! I swear Aaerro thinks she's part cat! She WAS potty trained out doors and I had the opposite problem. She didn't want to go inside on the paper >.< . She was 7 months old before she started using the papers reliably.

Whippets tend to be more laid back though, they, too, do suffer from 'The Zoomies' up until they're three years of age. They literally bounce off walls. It's been said because of their terrier background they're more determined and a little more out going than many other sighthound breeds. Aaerro, my cross, is exceptionally timid. I've never seen a dog shrivel up so fast among strangers. Whippets are smart, easily potty trained and although they may be fragile looking, can take a lot of pounding.

I was told that retired racing greyhounds are the slugs out of the three breeds. It takes some poking and prodding to get them moving. They take cr@p that other breeds can't handle and it proved how good natured the breed can be. The down side is that the racing greyhounds sometimes don't recognize other dogs because all they've ever learned to live with, simply by their environment, are other greyhounds.
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Service & Therapy Dogs > question on public transportion with a sd

Rocket's- Aaerro - SD

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Barked: Sat Jun 28, '08 8:32am PST 
Allo Allo! I have similar questions as I'll be using public transportation for just about everything. I suspect it's a matter of taking it slow, such as taking a bus for a few minutes then gradually working up to taking the bus several times until the feller is comfortable.
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Laws regarding Service Animals in Canada

Cricket- (RIP)

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Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 6:00pm PST 
Hey folks smile . I was pointed out to Dogster regarding service animal laws. I'm specificlly looking for places where I can research the laws here in Manitoba. were pointed out as a possible informant by the folks at the Psych dog listserve **waves with Inanna at her side**

Hopefully folks can help smile way to go
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