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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > Suggestions needed for doggie GAMES for my bday party!

BISS Ch.- Parrigi's- Daniela RN

Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 9:00pm PST 
Hi Minty,
One of my favorite party games is "Bobbing for Milkbones." We actually use smaller bone treats than milkbone makes, and you might want to experiment with a couple brands before the part to see which ones float best or sink quickly.
If you want to make it competitive, you can put ten treats in the water bucket and time the dogs on how long it takes for the dog to get them all. Advanced rounds can use treats that sink right away so the dogs have to put their face in the water. It's pretty funny!
I wish I could post a pic
Another game is the Limbo... "How Low Can You Go?" Jumping contests are fun but not if they get too competitive and dogs try too hard. You can't hurt yourself trying to get under a low bar like you could jumping over a high bar.
You could also get your human to put stinky treats in little paper bags or wrapped lightly in paper so everybody has to open their own party favor treat.
It's always fun if you can get your human to make birthday cupkakes for everyone. There are a zillion recipes online. You can use thinned cream cheese for frosting and a straight pretzel stick for a candle in each cupcake.
Try to show your human the things you like to do (digging, chewing, barking...) and maybe s/he will get creative about making a game of it.
And then there's also "Chase the Kitty" if your human will alow it. Snicker, snicker, snicker! kitty
Good luck and have fun!
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Portuguese Wirehaired Podengo Medio > Podengos in the movies!
BISS Ch.- Parrigi's- Daniela RN

Barked: Fri Dec 21, '07 11:24pm PST 
Hello fellow Podengos!
I have seen wire PPMs in many movies: Zeus & Roxanne, Dante's Peak, Soccer Dog (1), Three Wishes, Second Hand Lions, Lake House...
What movies have you seen that I am missing?
Ms. Daniela
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