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Dog of the Day & Week > Mia Muah is Dog of the Week!
♥The- GIRLS~

Partners in- Crime~sssssshh!
Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 10:42am PST 
Mia, we can absolutely believe you were chosen by Dogstah as their Dog of the Week!!!cheercheercheer You are SUCH a deserving, humble & intelligent beauty~why wouldn't you have this amazing honor?!!!!laugh out loud WUF U BUNCHES~

xoxo, the GIRLS~
Molly, Gracie and IsaBellablue dog

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Plus Power of the Paw > Please pray for Raja Babu
♥The- GIRLS~

Partners in- Crime~sssssshh!
Barked: Tue Feb 24, '09 11:46am PST 
Sending gentle hugs hug & MUCH wuf! Continue your rest; we are praying fur YOU! cloud 9
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Dog Health > urine crystalization? anyone know about crystals?


*Grace of my- Heart!*
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 5:57pm PST 
I've had struvites (UTI's, ultrasounds, ultimately bladder stone surg. and 2 months of the crappy Sci. Diet Rx S/D to get rid of the kidney stones) They are totally diet driven. You have to get a urine sample to the vet. Here's what Mom calls our "kit"~ a long kitchen utensil spoon, a liquid medicine syringe and a ziplock.

the morning pee is the easiest, you HAVE to go bad enough, that an interruption might not make u stop.... once u squat, they take the spoon out from behind their back and slide it under, then take the syringe and pull the pee, into it and then put it in a small ziplock. Mom labels it with a sharpee before the outing. She then writes a ck. for the vet to run a UA(urinalysis) and puts all in another ziplock in the frig. we take it out right before it goes to the vet!

I just had a UTI again, frown the first in 16 months) and struvites. My 2nd test was clear of infection, still had struvites, but they were much lower. Mom will catch a sample again (it's a week later) to see how I'm looking......

I don't drink well, so I eat canned food. Although a dog doesn't look as though it hurt, it sure does and can cause a chronically inflammed bladder.... get a sample ASAP!

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Dog Health > High Liver Enzyme Count


*Grace of my- Heart!*
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 4:07pm PST 
I have microvascular dysplasia, but we wouldn't have known that without a biopsy, which I had because I was having another procedure. Instead of a liver shunt on the outside, it's several mini ones on the inside and inoperable. I take denosyl, daily, at least one hr. before breakfast.... it's taken on the emptiest tummy possible. Since I've had kidney issues, crystals in my urine, bladder and kidney stones, I can't have the protein, which we found out the hard way. I do have frequent blood work to keep an eye on everything. Mom tried all sorts of diets, homemade and otherwise, but they either affected my values or my kidneys, with crystals in my urine, etc. so we have succumbed to the k/d which is Rx kidney diet from the vet, which a lot of liver dogs with kidney issues also, seem to do well eating. It's the only diet that gives me good labs. I have to eat the canned, when I eat too much of the dry kibble, it changes my blood work results. The canned is only 4% vs, the dry/kibble @ 12% protein. (perhaps that's becoz of my kidney issues)

Mommie also has us taking Super Milk Thistle X which we get from a FAV website:

As not to add the extra protein to my diet, we add omega fatty acids with flaxseed.

Good Luck on finding your proper diagnosis and 9
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Dog Health > How much money would you spend to save your pet from cancer?

♥CHLO- E' ~furever- loved

Wigglebutt- Squirrel Hunter!
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 9:56pm PST 
we spent far more than your top $ amt. to have only one more yr. together. Most dogs, unlike humans, tolerate the chemo pretty well, without the sickness. It made me lethargic but only for a day or two and I was quite myself for many months. I had mast cell tumors and had it removed on more than one occasion, taking all the margins the surgeon could and those surgeries were not inexpensive.

I'm not offended by your question, I just think there are far too many variables to take into account to actually have a relevant study. Most of us here, would spend everything we could, as long as the furbaby could experience quality of life.
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Dog Health > How long should you leave your dog home alone?
♥The- GIRLS~

Partners in- Crime~sssssshh!
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 9:41pm PST 
that sounds like the best option, but there are those puppy parks, pretty much pvc plastic boxes that u put wee wee pads or newspapers in & the fake grass goes over that, it's special coz it drains well......... would he maybe use that? You just use some type of pheremone enzyme remover stuff u get at pets mart and hose off the grass. I think I read some of them even let you put that grass in the dryer ?? they come in all sizes, some even let you put soiless sod or regular sod in them?

Maybe you could walk him on turf once you're home to get him used to it, or see if he would use that? they also have sprays that are attractants to treat that faux grass.

Hopefully you'll find a sitter, the interaction might be calming to him, as well!

Good Luck!
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Dog Health > New here! Question about reverse sneezing...concerned!

♥Moll- y

Little Miss- Molly of Mine
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 9:34pm PST 
Mom has had shih tzu and we pretty much all do it, varying levels of frequency....... but for a short time, I was having hideous "attacks" that went on for awhile and our vet referred us to a surgical center where I was given anesthesia for a procedure to be "scoped" and biopsied. I had a chronic inflammation and the biopsy identified what would be the only drug to get rid of it. I had to be scoped again after a 6 wk round of meds and we found I wasn't over it, so thank goodness I had the re-check. Just one of the surgeries was quite expensive.

They think I sniffed something up there, that's the best they could come up with. My whole body would be wracked with spasms. It was very scary.

The only thing Mommie has ever found to work (which really didn't at this time) was to first remain V. calm and put a finger over both my lil nostrils and barely put a finger inside my mouth so it is open. She talks sweetly to me, because this is scary & a pup can be upset and make it last longer from the stress.

Talk to your Vet & Good Luck!
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Dog Health > compusive chewing


*Grace of my- Heart!*
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 9:23pm PST 
I have scratched for quite awhile and it was seasonal, but winter 07 was SO bad for me that I scratched alot of hair off including my entire topknot and the vet referred us to a specialist veterinary dermatologist. A couple of times, I got one steroid shot in the fall, knowing they were a very bad long term choice. That was before I found liver issues (at age 3) and so of course we DEF won't get even one a yr now, outta the question for me. Medications to treat atopica dermatitis are also a concern, but scratching, etc. is also a quality of life issue.

We went to the specialist and because I have liver issues, did not go through all the testing, we took the least invasive route...... I am on 1/2 benedryl tablet *which would be 12.5 mg* every 8 hrs (3Xdaily) and bathed twice weekly~It is a Rx Shampoo from the vet for Seborrhea. I use a leave in conditioner from the vet called Resicort only once a week. I am MUCH improved. The frequency/baths get the residual scaling off the hot spots (I have the dry kind, not the oily moist kind-though baths are important for them too) off my body, so the itching is less, so the scratching is less ~the more you scratch, the more they spread, the worse the problem. If we miss one of the weekly baths, I instantly get worse. (found that out when family was in hosp and Mom missed the 2nd weekly bath once or twice) The baths are extremely important for me and a common treatment from a Vet. dermatologist, although most people would recommend otherwise.

The derm. vet said almost all allergies are inhalant as opposed to food. This of course does not mean they don't exist...... The blood test given at regular vets aren't accurate and he won't even do them.

***over the years, Mom changed everything. We went through trying to identify a food allergy by slowly changing foods contaning one protein and on carb source, changed all our cleaners and laundry deterg and fab softner, everything, no scents, dyes, etc.**We tried every kind of moisturizing and oatmeal, etc. shampoos, nothing worked before the prescription shampoo and the TWICE weekly baths! Now the pawrents can sleep again since my May '08 appt with the Vet Derm and the CONSISENT routine of antihistamines and baths with Rx shampoo!!! (important to note our reg vet had us try the benedryl and it did NoThInG~but the increase in dosage coupled with the Rx shampoo twice weekly and Rx leave in cond. once weekly, have made it manageable!!!)

Wishing you Much Luck!
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Dog Health > Anyone else have this?

♥The- GIRLS~

Partners in- Crime~sssssshh!
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 8:51pm PST 
we ALL see an opthamologist. better safe than sorry!! We agree that it would be better to see someone who treats eyes on a daily basis, as opposed to a regular vet who rarely if ever sees something like this.............. GOOD LUCK!
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Dog Health > Side effects of annual shots
♥IsaB- ella

*Is a Bow Bandit- *
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 8:46pm PST 
I had that also and the vet gave me a chlorphenarimine? an antihistamine, befire she gave another shot. Your vet needs to be advised of any reactions, and have it on your pup's records!
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