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Shiba Inu > Help me pick a pup name!

Pumpkin- (Kabocha)

Everything is- Mine
Barked: Fri Apr 17, '15 12:59am PST 
My Shiba is named Kabocha! (pumpkin for nickname!).
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Drever > Drever dogs in North America
donald RIP- :(

Barked: Sat Dec 27, '08 5:24pm PST 
I always thought as a rescue dog I was my DNA tested...I am mostly English Coonhound, and then beagle, norwich (thus the longer hair esp around the neck and buttocks, and yorkie -don't know about that one...I guess for a coon hound I am small so I guess if you got coon and yorkie you would be my size short legs, long body etc but I have got quite a bay! ) If anyone knows though of Drevers in USA or for sale I would be interested....
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