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Pointer > Pointer Party


Pointers are- Angels in- Disguise
Barked: Fri Jun 8, '07 3:43am PST 
I wanna come to the Pointer partyparty
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Behavior & Training > Gentle leader easy walk harness

Pointers are- Angels in- Disguise
Barked: Fri Jun 8, '07 3:35am PST 
jazzie pulls like mad, have tried all sorts but did buy a Gentle Leader Head Collar, at first he hated it and I felt very mean with him wearing it, he was rubbing and shaking his head trying to get it off!
But two days on andhe has got used to it and we even leave it on when he is in the park so he gets to forget about it when he is running around.I think with a little time and perseverance it will work very well.
Know what you mean when you say it looks like a muzzle, but at least we know it's doing a job and in the end jazzie will be much better off for wearing it.
Do hope you manage to sort this pulling problem.
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