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I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Wed Jun 16, '10 4:48pm PST 
THANK GOD!!!! Little Oreo DID NOT have Rabieshail The Board of Health called me this afternoon and told me the test came back negative for Rabies. I asked if they knew what he died from but they said they only tested for rabies.Poor little guy he was so very friendly and affectionate, it just breaks my heart he didn't live.cry

I still left the cross and little stone I got for his grave in place as a memorial. The stone says "If Love Could Have Saved You , You Would Have Lived Forever"
Thank You All for your kind words & concernhug

I hope Toffi is doing well.
Has anyone spoken to Takoda's Dad at all?
Sarge I hope you are feeling better also.
I tried to catch up on how everyone is doing but it's a lot of catching up and a tired brain trying to retain what I'm readingfrown

Love to All
Flicka,Levi,Scooter,Sarge,Jenna,Darla Mae,Sully&Socks,BlackPearls,Toffi
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Wed Jun 16, '10 8:04am PST 
Hi Everyonewave WOWeek Every time we get back on dogster there's something different.

Hope ALL here are well and enjoying life!

Thank You All for your well wishes. Talk about small world .....I have to share a recent event that happened. June 5 we were searching for a lost Pomeranian in Point Pleasant when we came across a cute little kitten all by itself near a very busy highway. I knocked on a few doors trying to find it's home with no luck. The kitten was extremely thin with no collar. I decided to take it and find it a good home since who ever owned it obviously was not caring for it too well.
A elderly women that had to re home her 12 yr. old Lab because she was unable to walk him anymore ( which my friend Lakota's Mom now has)took the kitten as a companion. Two days later she called me to say the kitten was ill, so my friend and I took the kitten now named Oreo to the emergency Vet Clinic. He was around 4 months old and only 2 lbs. They gave Oreo some antibiotics and fluids under the skin and sent us home after putting $520 on our credit cards. As we were leaving I grabbed one of their business cards and guess who one of the Vets names was on the card? GRAIG FENWICK! They told me he had started work there back in Dec. last year. Anyway....back to poor little Oreo.....a few days later I took Oreo to see the Vet for a regular check up. She said that he had toxcidia (?)
and many fleas.Dr. Schorr gave him medicine for both and also a gift of a bag of kitten chow and also can food.Oreo was now on his way to a good life with some one to love and care for him.
The next afternoon I got a call that Oreo was acting weird growling and hissing and running all around. My friend Pam and I again went over to see the problem . When we arrived we could see the kitten was not the lovable sweet little boy he originally was, an knew something was wrong. Dr. Schorr's office was already closed for the day , so I called the emergency Vet we had first gone to and told them the problem and that we were on our way there with the kitten. I put gloves on to pick up Oreo and put him in the crate. Pam drove and I sat in the back with Oreo. It was a day I will never forget. The poor little guy was crying and howling and his body moved involuntary as he looked at me for help. My heart sank as I knew he was dying. I closed my eyes and asked God to please not let him suffer another minute and when I opened my eyes I saw him take his last breath and be finally at peace. I was so mad and confused as to how could this happen? He was at 2 Dr's what did they miss? When we finally arrived at the emergency Vet Clinic I asked them "What happened?" The Vet Tech said let me tell the Vet what happened.Tweenty minutes later the Vet Tech comes back out and said it could have been anything, maybe a parasite in the brain. The Vet never had the decency to even come talk to us! I took Oreo home and buried him in my bird sanctuary on the side of my house. The next day when I called Dr.Schorr she was very concerned and sent her Husband to get Oreo's body and the board of health came from Trenton to take his body to see if it was RABIES! Now we are waiting to hear if he had rabies, because if he did we all have to get the shots! Why the hell didn't that emergency Vet have the intelligence to know that!
Well one thing for sure my new Vet is Dr. Schorr. I am very impressed with her and her Husband's concern for all of us.
I will let you all know what happens when I hear.
hug To You ALL!
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!


I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 8:47pm PST 
Hi Everyone! WOW! It's a big change here on dogster! Some of my pages are totally changed. I can't keep up with these changesconfused Been so very busy with pet sitting jobs, lost dog searches , and a new Grand Daughter born May 24th. Her name is Aubrey. I've been so busy I haven't seen her since her birth, hopefully this Friday I will be able to go and visit for the day. We took Romeo to see a neurologist this past week to look at his leg that had the surgery . She said he had permanent nerve damage which caused muscle atrophied in his leg. I sent a copy of her report to the state board of veterinary medical examiners who are still investigating Dr. Feinwick and his treatment of Romeo. He isn't in pain she told me, which is at least good to know.

I hope all the Buh-ens are well!


hughughug To ALL!
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!


I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Fri May 7, '10 8:48am PST 
Hi Everyonewave sorry we've been so busy not much computer time. Many new pet sitting jobs. We have missed so much here. Still trying to bring that poor little Yorkie home. We are sure after many days of searching someone took her and has decided to keep her. The owner has posted a plea and reward for her return on Craig's list and the local news paper, but no replies.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Tonka, Hoop & Po partypartypartypartyparty

S&S So sorry to hear of Max going to the shelter. Hopefully he will find a forever family that are familiar with Rotties. Wish we could have taken him, but we are really over the limit now of dogs we are allowed to have in our area. I told the Hubby that in a year or two I want to find a ranch style home with a few acres for the dogs and hopefully a rescue. When I see dogs like Max needing a home it breaks my heart that I can't take them in.

Jenna's Dad hope the new hip is coming along. It takes time for the nerve and muscle to rehabilitate after the stress of surgery. That's why it's so important that you do your exercises and than let the muscle rest to rebuild. Don't get impatient and over do . In a few weeks you'll be back to the normal routine only with out painway to go
Flicka's Mom hope you are feeling better and not having any more problems with your prescriptions. Also hope the damage from the fire is getting cleaned up and the smell is almost gone. Still say THANK GOD YOUR ALIVE!
Sarge hope you are feeling better and the Vets can find what is making you not feel yourself.
Us Bullies might be tuff but we are very sensitive and can have so many different things going on.
Scooter hope your Mom is feeling better.
Sending hug's to All and wishing Health & Happiness to you !
Have a WONDERFUL daysnoopy
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!


I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 9:24am PST 
Hi Everyonewave Boy did we have some thunder and lightening last night. eek One thunder was so loud it mad even Cheech & Chong jump up in bed last night.

Flicka's Mom OMG the flames coming out of that apt. You are so lucky to be alive and that they got the fire before it spread to your apt. Sorry to hear you are having so much pain. I know you are wanting to keep things cleaned up , but the pain is stressful on your heart. Try and relax if you can. I know the aggravation of the pharmacy messing up your prescriptions isn't helping you relax....but try.hug

DarlaMae Hope Mom's jaw is feeling better and headaches are gone. Also hope your Human Brother gets the job he wantsway to go
Sarge hope your feeling better and Dad also finds a job he would enjoy.

Scooter hope Grandmom's Birthday was a blast!party

Levi HAPPY GOTTCHA DAY! partypartypartyparty
Hope Kolton will feel better when his things come with his beloved Cocobears picture on it.
It just breaks your heart to see children hurt even though they are learning life lessons through that pain.frown

Jenna HAPPY BIRTHDAY!partypartyparty Soon Dad will be home to celebrate with you and who knows maybe even be able to do a little Birthday jig blue dog

S&S Mom Hope the car troubles are minor and you can make it somehow to your appt. Why don't you just get one of those large jaw like clips to put your hair up. I have long hair and just twist it and put the clip on during the summer. The Hubby should be able to put the clip on for you .
We have very busy these last few days looking for a 13 yr. old 5 lbs. Yorkie who got out of her backyard last Thursday. We spent the weekend knocking on every door in the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen her. We finally found someone who said he saw her sitting in front of her house when a car pulled up to her and he thinks the people took the dog. This road the dog lives on is a dead end , so who ever took her must live some where down this road or was visiting someone on this road , so we think the more we let everyone in the area know she is missing and a team of people are looking she may turn up. At least that's what we are praying. We went into a Wawa on the corner and asked to put a flyer up with her picture.......obviously the manager was not an animal lover and was very rude and said "NO and if you put it up I'll tear it down!" Needless to say I called the corporate office of Wawa and told them how rude she was and what she said. I told them how many of the homes I had spoken to owned dogs and wondered how as patron's of this Wawa they would feel if they knew how Wawa would not support them if their dog went missing. I just got a call from the lost Yorkie's owner that Wawa is now letting her put a flyer up at the stores counter.big grin
Hopefully we will hear some good news soon and "Kissette" will be home safe again.

You are all a group of very Special People and it's so nice to have you here to share life with.

God Bless You All!hug
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Fri Apr 23, '10 9:03am PST 
Hi Everyonewave

Flicka's Mom Hope your having a pain free day today . That black mold is no joke, surprised the board of health does nothing about it. Are they aware of it? I would think they would get on the landlord to do something about it with in a certain amount of time or get fined . I hope it all works out and you don't have to move until you want to, however if the black mold problem is not taken care of , it might be better for your health to move.
I booked mark the page for dogster updates you gave me. Thanks. My husband said it moves everything on the computer after I've been on dogstershrug I'm not that computer savoy......

Darbi my Dr. wanted to put me on meds to lower my cholesterol and I opted to do the same as you and change my diet. I got on line and found what to eat and also supplements to take to help lower my cholesterol. Also Takoda's Dad Ron had told me how taking the emu oil capsules had helped a relative of his to lower his cholesterol. I ordered them and started taking them. We will see if they worked next blood work. I eat Cheerios and soy milk every morning . That's suppose to help. Those prescription med's have some bad side affects.frown

S&S Mom good for you going to face that bad guy! Feel sorry for Gunner and the other dog. People like that many times blame the world for their life and unfortunately if they have pets they get the brunt of the owners anger.

Jenna's Dad glad your surgery went well . I think the grumpies could be from the pain med's. I know they made me grumpy. But men DO get grumpy when they are hungrywink

All is well here ....pups and humans are feeling good and the weather is sunny.......makings of a GREAT DAY!

Hugs to ALL !hughughughug
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I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Wed Apr 21, '10 8:33am PST 
Hi Everyonewave My goodness what we have missed not being around.

Flicka's Mom THANK GOD you are all alright from that fire! Hope your pain is giving you a break. So very glad to read of Patrick's and Kaleb's progress.

Dixie's Mom glad you got good news from the Drs.cheer

Jenna's Dad hope all went well with your surgeryway to go

S&S Mom hope you can get that shoulder fixed soon!

Dear Kubbi wishing you the best with your eye my friend hughug

Sarge & Family sending you all hugs . My friend Lakota told me she got a beautiful picture of Rocky and said how handsome and young he looked. hughughug

Levi & Family sending you hugs also hughug It's hard to watch our children hurt and not be able to do anything to stop their pain. This is a time in his life he will always remember, but as he becomes a man the memories will bring a smile as he remembers the special times he shared with his beloved Cocobear.

Hayden I'm sorry to hear of your pup pal leaving for Rainbow Bridge so sudden and so youngcry

Scooter that was some walk my friendsnoopy

We have been very busy around here , had to bring the Grandkids to work with me. They were worn out by all the walking! They must have walked a total of 15 miles in two days. By bedtime they would turn the T.V. on to watch and be asleep before the first commercialbig laugh
Every time I seem to come on dogster my computer gets all messed up. Something with dogsters site reconfigures my whole computereek
Does anyone else have a problem like that? I also saw that my pages are all messed up. It's really aggravating especially when I don't have the time to fix them. They are always changing things on dogster.naughty
All pups are doing great in our pack. Took Romeo to play ball for the first time in awhile. He really enjoys it. Really tired him out though. I only threw the ball about 4 times for him, but he is such a Bull he charges across the ball field like a maniac trying to out run the ball!
Wishing you all a wonderful day!hughughughug
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I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Sat Apr 10, '10 6:58am PST 
Good Morning Allwave Cool and windy day today......big change from just a few days ago.

Grandkids are on their way to stay for the weekend.

It's difficult for children to understand death. So good when they have loving parents to help them cope and understand and go through it together with support for each other.

Flicka's Mom hope your pain is giving you a break today. Your attitude through all this is what will get you through it. Soon it will be all in the past as each day goes by. You'll be running in no time!snoopy

Sarge hope your Grams is doing better.

Kids just pulled up..........Have a GREAT day ! hug
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I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Fri Apr 9, '10 9:09am PST 
Morning everyonewave

Flicka's Mom thanks for explaining the "catching flies" Sorry I took it literallyred face
I sure hope Dixie doesn't have any seizersfrown

Hayden glad to hear your vet visit went well.

Jenna your so funnybig laugh

It's cold and rainy here today , but still have to walk my dogs and other dogs today. Thank God no LOST DOGS today to search for.snoopy

Good day to take them all to get their nails done ( Thanks for the idea Hayden) I'm too afraid to do it myself. Found a groomer that gives me a deal for all of them $20 for 5 dogs. Romeo never needs his done since he chews them naughty

Flicka's Mom hope everyday is getting better in your recoverycheer

Scooter will say a prayer for your Grand mom.

Burt & Dixie I just saw this ad for this website on the forums as I was reading the post , you may have already seen it but here it is.

Totally lost my post when I tried to copy this site, fortunately I learned the hard way to copy and paste my post before doing anythinghamster dance

Rocky & Cocobear's Family sending you our love & hugs hughughughug

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Daysnoopy
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

I'm a Lover NOT- a Fighter!
Barked: Thu Apr 8, '10 8:32am PST 
Good Morning Everyonewave

Glad to hear Burt & Dixie's Vet visit went well. Burt's spine , though twisted hasn't caused him any problems has it? And Dixie chasing flies , why would they think that's the onset of epilepsy? Maybe I missed something in a postshrug Chong has been chasing flies for years and she doesn't have epilepsy.
Levi & Sarge our hearts go out to your families at this difficult time.

This is what is so GREAT about Dogster, though sometimes you want to pull your hair out with the fleas it has, the members are dog lovers who understand the relationship between a dog & human and how so very much the importance they play in part of a family. Love is love and no purer love than the love of a dog for it's human. We are all blessed to know that love, and each other.
Flicka's Mom keep up the good work and you'll be running around after the boys before you know itway to go
Jenna's Dad you are going to be so glad you got the new hip once you are all mended and can put it to use! I can out hike my kids and grandkids now with my new hip! I walk about 4 to 5 miles a day no problem.
Darla Mae we are saying prayers for your friends.
Scooter, S&S, Hayden and the whole Buh-ens Gang Love you All and so glad I got invited.
I remember Flicka's Mom inviting me here when Romeo was in need of surgery and I was going through such a tough time worrying about him and his surgery. She told me of these wonderful group of friends she had come to know .
It just goes to show you , from all bad times something great will come from it.cheer
That's what helps me always get through the bad times knowing something good is just around the corner.
Romeo is doing well and going for walks with the rest of the family. He still has his " Murphy Days" Like yesterday when I walked out the front door Roxie pushed the screen out of the window and Romeo went to jump out and hit his bottom lip on the window sill and was bleeding all over. Took a few minutes to stop the bleeding. That Boy keeps me on my toes!
At night when I go to put his bowl down in front of him he gets so excited he sometimes does a back flip! I wonder if I could get him on America Got Talent Showbig laugh

Gotta get to work.........Have a Wonderful Day My Friends! hug
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