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Service & Therapy Dogs > Some confusion over rights of ESA vs SD
SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Tue Mar 24, '15 8:33am PST 
ADA covers TRAINED/TASKED teams ... ESAs have never had public access since the ADA laws concerning service animals were formed. Prior to the new rule ALL animals could be service animals. They changed it to DOGS and MINI HORSES only. ESAs can be any animal because the FHA didn't change their rulings. ESAs only have housing and airlines privileges. ESAs can't travel on buses, trains, etc.. They have NO PUBLIC ACCESS rights. They only can stay at home unless they're on a flying trip.
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Saying Goodbye
SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Fri Aug 29, '14 7:24am PST 
On June 2nd 2014 my older service dog, Shadow officially retired as my service dog. On that day, Sir Ailbe, graduated from "Mutts With A Mission" service dog program. He'll be a future ADI service dog for Veterans. Mutts With A Mission is an ADI (Assistance Dogs International) Candidate Program. They should have their ADI Accreditation by next Summer.

In April 2014, Shadow suffered from a Grand Mal seizure and continued to have them. He was put on seizure meds, but his Vet wanted to find out what was happening to Shadow. An MRI confirmed that he had advance non operable brain cancer and was given only three months to live. He was kept on his seizure meds, but predisone was added to keep the swelling down in his brain.

On June 14, 2014 it was time to say goodbye to my faithful friend. He'll be missed..

Sir Ailbe apparently did learn from Shadow because I was trying for two years to teach him the home commands and jobs which he didn't want to do. Well, after Shadow passed on all of the commands and tasks that I did try to teach him he actually knew. He's been 100% solid on the commands to go too work and picking up and retrieving quite a few new items.

Never give up hope because you'll always have a faithful service dog for many years to come.

Sir Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Wounded Army, Need a therapy dog, PTSD, TBI, Seizures

SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Fri Aug 29, '14 6:52am PST 
Check out Mutts With A Mission -- An ADI (Assistance Dogs International) Candidate Owner-Owned Training for Veterans Only. They have one graduate from Maine who also suffers from PTSD. Mutts With A Mission has set up an online program to help you teach your own service dog. They'll be with you and on your side to get your service dog in training to full service dog status. I would ask them about what to look for a service dog candidate. You have to commit to about 18 to 24 months to training -- The Program should be Accredidated by the ADI by next Summer. Yes it does cost money to go thru them, but fundraising will be done. Mine was completely paid for... The only training costs I had was the Obedience training from beginning to advance .. That was well worth it because I have an outstanding service dog.

I would call Brooke and see how you can find a pup to train and what you need to do. Once you get your pup up to the level of being reading for the final service dog training you'll have one great helper to guide you thru it. You must have a written requirement to have a service dog. If you're with the VA you'll just need the paperwork started from your medical team. Even thou the VA doesn't recognize PTSD teams you still can have a service dog.

Ellen and Sir Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Retirement Ceremony

SHADOW - RIP 14 June- 2014

Barked: Mon Jun 9, '14 3:43pm PST 
On June 2, 2014 we had a Retirement Ceremony and a graduation of the newer Service Dog, Ailbe. A gift for us was a session from a local photographer to capture his last week of life. Shadow has brain cancer and isn't doing well. He'll cross over on June 14.

Please look up Dolphin Dance Photography Blog and you can see the photos and short story.

Saying goodbye isn't easy..

Ellen and Shadow Walker
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Texas law requires training by a recognized agency for service dogs

SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Tue May 13, '14 12:51am PST 
TX laws on SDITs have changed. All SDITS are covered and it now follows the ADA guidelines. Owner Owned Service Dogs are now covered under the new laws for Service Dogs.

Shadow Walker and Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Disabled Vet / needs therapy dog
SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Tue May 13, '14 12:46am PST 
I'm a Disabled Vet and PTSD Service Dogs aren't allowed under their Service Dogs for Veterans Program. Fist of all a therapy dog isn't what you're looking for. A therapy dog is a dog trained to visit others to make them happy.

An ESA (Emotional Support Animal) is a dog or other animal (falls under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and not the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act which is only dogs)that gives you comfort and support at home only. There are no tasks involved.

A PTSD service dog is one that is trained to migate your disability thru tasks like turning on lights at night when you enter a dark room, getting help during an episode, getting meds, taking you to a safe spot/zone during an attack. A service dog goes with you while an ESA can't go with you.

You can still have a service dog thru the VA, but you have to do it on your own. First you still need a doctors permission to have one. Second you must either have your own dog that you can train yourself OR find a program that has dogs for PTSD. If you to the point of finding a program that has a dog trained by them be careful on their training program. Some of them have very little training which could lead to issues in the future. Find a program that has a proven track record. There are a lot of programs popping up all over the USA for PTSD service dogs and some of them are just quickly training them and getting out as many dogs as they can.

Hopefully in the next five years the VA will allow dogs trained for PTSD. You still can do an ADI (Assistance Dogs International) which the way the VA is running their Service Dog Programs thru Owner Owned Training programs. Then once the VA changes their tune you'll be covered under them with the dog you trained as an ADI Service Dog.

Shadow Walker and Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Training Mobility Dog

SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Tue May 13, '14 12:29am PST 
My older, retiring service dog is only 56 lbs and 24 inches tall. My newer service dog is 66 lbs and 27 1/2 tall. If I followed what Happy said I would need a dog that would weigh about 120 plus pounds. Both dogs are mobility service dogs. I had a fantastic trainer for my first one that showed me how to use a service dog for someone who is heavy like me. WE never put full weight on any dog. There are methods that can make you do part of the work to help, but it also still benefits your needs.

My newer guy was trained the same way by me this time remembering everything what my first trainer taught me. Our training program which is new I had the pleasure of being her first mobility service dog. She was impressed on the techniques I have for mobility work that I'll be doing a demo video for future teams.

PLUS you must wait till after age two before harness work is done. I had all of my training done and the last four months has been in harness work. I never had x-rays on either of my dogs which many people recommend. The training methods I was taught helped prevent issues.

Shadow Walker and Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Since We're Leaving Soon

SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Sun Feb 2, '14 12:10pm PST 
I have to let everyone know that Ailbe should be graduating from an ADI Candidate Program by this Summer. He's turned out to be one amazing service dog candidate. He can pick up and retrieve the drop items that I've taught him, balance work, bracing, etc.. and he's also extremely good with distractions while working. He turned out to be a big boy -- 66 lbs and 27 1/2 inches tall. I do all of the grooming and he looks so handsome in his retriever clip

We did have some bumps in the road and in the last two months he's did a 360 degree turnaround. He'll redo the CGC in the Spring. The first one was a fiasco and most of the students failed it.

The VA approved of him as a future Veteran Service Dog with all of the benefits. I have all of the paperwork that was 2 yrs before the Service Dog Act became finalized. Well, moved to VA and a couple months ago and they said NO.. I'm currently appealing it. Apparently they want an ADI service dog even thou there might be a break between the older one and a newer one. This is why they approved of Ailbe for I wouldn't have to go without a service dog..

Going to miss Dogster, but I'm on Facebook with other service dogs who owner train. Shadow turned 10 last week and is still working full time at home and part time in the field. He'll officially retire when Ailbe graduates.

Ellen and Ailbe
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Dogster's closing...

SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Sun Feb 2, '14 11:40am PST 
I would NEVER use Service Dog Central... They slammed me and our new organization several years ago.. They spilled lies that were horrible and to this day they have NEVER appollogized and I mean NEVER!! I use the Facebook site and its got the same info about service dogs as here on Dogster.

I'll miss Dogster since I'm the one who actually gave the name for this Forum .. So, I feel bad that its closing down...

Ailbe and Shadow Walker
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Service & Therapy Dogs > The VA Can Take A Flying Leap..
SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Sun Nov 17, '13 5:52pm PST 
All Service Dogs are allowed at the VA Hospital. BUT if you want their medical bills and equipment paid for then you have to get permission to get a Service Dog thru the ADI AND the VA in Washington has to approve it (only 100 per year nationwide). It was at one point where the VA was going to ban all service dogs that didn't have an ADI certification. That would have meant more then 5000 plus service dogs nationwide would be banned .. That was thrown out. I've been receiving benefits for Shadow for about 2 1/2 to 3 yrs. When I first trained him the VA paid for everything I did for the 1st year and then paid for his first harness.. Then they grandfathered him in and have been paying his medical plus paid for the new harness. The Phoenix VA told me that I've already been approved to have a Service Dog and accepting the pup for training as his replacement was fine with them (I have those papers), BUT the big shots in DC said NO -- new one has to be ADI trained and that Phoenix had no right authorizing the new one. Shadow's medical stops at the end of Jan (I still have his medical insurance)... Ailbe's was suppose to start on Feb 1, but they refused him as my replacement EVEN THOU my old VA did the approval. It's just weird ...

A certificate is required
under § 17.148(c)(1) only to enable the
veteran to receive service dog benefits,
but is not required to gain entry to VA
facilities. This rulemaking does not
permit or prohibit the access of service
dogs to VA health care facilities.
Access to VA facilities by service dogs
accompanying individuals with
disabilities is controlled by 40 U.S.C.
3103, which states: ‘‘Guide dogs or other
service animals accompanying
individuals with disabilities and
especially trained and educated for that
purpose shall be admitted to any
building or other property owned or
controlled by the Federal Government
on the same terms and conditions, and
subject to the same regulations, as
generally govern the admission of the
public to the property.’’ 40 U.S.C.
3103(a). The VA regulation that
currently controls the access of animals
to VA facilities is found at 38 CFR
1.218(a)(11), and we are in the process
of amending § 1.218(a)(11) to be fully
compliant with 40 U.S.C. 3103(a).

I was promised benefits and now I'm not ... I was told that once Ailbe moves into replace Shadow that the harness will be retrofitted and paid for by the VA. Now I'm suppose to pay for it unless they change their minds.

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