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Behavior & Training > I rescued a 3 yr old male Sibeian Husky and he continues to make a routine out of urinating


Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 8:41am PST 
My dog keeps urinating in a particular room in the house and I'm not sure if I can or how to or where to start on correcting this behavior. I've read that you don't negatively discipline huskies however today I did stick his nose in it and confined him to an upstairs bathroom for a little while. I'm assuming this is not the best way to go about this but it's not like potty training a puppy. I'm pretty sure the people that lived in the house prior to us have dogs but that was quite sometime ago. My dog Wilkey seems to do this after he's already been taken outside in the morning and it seems like its starting to become routine. This is a very very large room and we would run back and forth and play in this room and now I'm associating it with "bad dog" behavior. I printed a commercial carpet cleaner and again he does in there and pees right where I cleaned it up from the last couple times. He gets plenty of play and exercise it's not really an area I can put up a baby gate in either, very large entry way! Any suggestions??
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