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Dogs and a Clean Home > Tell me about beagles in the house


Coot - Did someone say- treat?
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 4:18pm PST 
Maybe I just love beagles too much. I have 2 & both are indoor pets. The most my house ever smelled like dog was during the house-training process. Beagles shouldn't be bathed too often because it dries their skin out, even if using gentle shampoos.
Yes my beagles smell after they've run loose. They for some reason enjoy rubbing their necks on dead things, but they will get a bath after such incident.
Beagles are stubborn, but trainable. You have to put in a lot of work into training them, but it is worth it. They are sweet, beautiful, and have lots of energy. You should still make sure to socialize them. My older one does not deal well with the neighbors dogs, and has bitten my cousin's girlfriend's 3yr old, but the boy was annoying him. My younger one though is exactly what you would expect a beagle to be. Friendly with other dogs & cats, good with children. She was more difficult to housetrain than her brother.

There is some shedding, which could probably be controlled better with regular brushing. I merely deal with the hair. I'm sure there may be some hounds who smell badly and constantly. Honestly I'd never given it much thought and just sniffed one of mine. Coot had a bath about a week and a half ago, has not gone loose in the fields or woods since and has no obvious odor.

Mika&Kai: I wish your sister luck in the transition process. Beagles are great companions, but I have definitely known a few that had been abused and become man-shy. And trained to hunt or merely coming from hunting stock, they will still let you know when they're on scent.

Milton: I agree with what you said about their previous home. Coot was inside until weaned & was then in a small fenced area when I adopted him. Millie's pen was much smellier. I crate trained both & while Coot never messed in the crate, Millie had a harder time with it. I hadn't thought of that being the reason though, so thanks for that information.
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Dogs and a Clean Home > Shedding.... how do you deal with it?

Coot - Did someone say- treat?
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 3:45pm PST 
Ignoring is one of my more favorite methods, but it was easier when I was living by myself with only my 2 beagles & 1 cat. Right now I'm with my parents. So add to mine another beagle and on the weekends & holidays when my brother is back from college his chow mix & cat and you get a lot more hair.
The best thing my parents did was vinyl wood-look in the living room. Dust mop grabs the hair a lot better than a swiffter or broom. I find the vacuum stirs the hair often as well. And hair gets woven into the carpet.
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Behavior & Training > My dog is scared of boxes, plastic bags, etc.


Coot - Did someone say- treat?
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 3:30pm PST 
You would think he was a resuce dog and had been tortured or abused by them, but I've had him since he was 8weeks and he came from a good home before then.
He's 4yrs old now and has been this way since a puppy. He's terrified and extremely skittish around cardboard boxes and grocery bags. He knows the difference between the sound of a grocery bag & chip bag (chip bag rattle incites drooling and excitement). But for example Friday we received a package which I set on top of the washing machine, which is in sight from the kitchen. I had to have him put up in the kitchen with me to keep him off the couch as he was just nuetered.
He could not settle knowing the box was there & kept eyeing it as if something would jump out from it. Other times he won't even come into the kitchen because the Recycling has piled up & in his way, or because we pulled the trash bag out of the can.
It's not terribly bothersome, but I was wondering if anyone has had any expereince with this. I've heard of the thundershirt and other products for anxiety issues, but they don't list these issues. Not sure if they would work.
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Behavior & Training > Snoopy WON\'T sit on hard floors


Coot - Did someone say- treat?
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 3:14pm PST 
I had a similarly difficult time getting my dog to lay down on hard surfaces. He would do 'down' if we were practicing while he was on my bed. 'Down' meaning lay down, not get off. The get off the bed signal never took. Coot has his issues and is skittish around boxes or grocery bags, doesn't like it when packages arrive, or we put something in his walkway.
He eventually became comfortable with the harder & colder surface of the wood floors, but will not sleep on those surfaces.
If you're still having the problems, trying giving Snoopy a shorter lead where he doesn't have any other option but to sit on the hard surface. But honestly I don't see where you would NEED him to sit on an uncomfortable surface. Mine never needs to sit at the vet. Though he did have issues Saturday at the vet when they wanted lay him on his back to look at his incision.
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