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Behavior & Training > Favorite Training Methods!?
Loki (Taz)

Barked: Sat Nov 23, '13 6:57pm PST 
Charks: that is an interesting method. I'd love to learn more about it! Where I live, it's either ALL about correction, or ALL about praising, but I definitely believe in communication and body language. I generally only use food/petting when learning a fun new trick. When I work Loki on obedience though, he knows what I want and that we need to anticipate each others' moves.

Charlie: that's amazing how you got your Rottie through her aggression/fear! I put Loki through a group obedience class, hoping he'd get socialized with dogs (Long story short: I searched online a month solid for a dog-friendly shelter dog. Loki was the perfect match, but when he came home he decided to fiercely attack every dog he saw...). The trainer never used treats, only severe scolding, to redirect him. After a 10wk course, I can occasionally get him to shut up when he sees a new dog, but he changed absolutely none. I took him to a new trainer who assessed him. She used correction, but she'd correct as soon as the first sign of tension came up (a stiff stance), not when he was already barking and freaking. That's working a lot better.
He has no desire in treats when dogs around, and if I use his favorite toy, he gets even more anxious. Hopefully he will get over his dog-aggression stage, I've dreamed of doing agility w him...
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Behavior & Training > Favorite Training Methods!?
Loki (Taz)

Barked: Wed Nov 20, '13 12:27pm PST 
Hi, all! I'm starting this forum for you to share your favorite dog-training methods so far. I'm also here to help you get started on finding what might work for your dog if you're a new owner or have a "special" pooch. (By special, I mean a dog who is.... Less than perfect maybe?)

snoopy Exercise!

"My dog is rather destructive..."

The number one part in my training, no matter the method, is exercise. All dogs need it! So many dogs are destructive, anxious, hyper, dominant, and insecure. A huge portion of that bad behavior is simply because the dog has energy that needs to be released! Get yourself into the habit of taking at least 30-60 minutes to exercise your buddy. For younger dogs or "spazzy" breeds (Herding breeds, most working breeds, terriers, etc.), the best way to exercise is by going on a bike ride, jogging, a long game of fetch, a beach-run, agility, frisbee, herding, pulling, the list goes on! For older dogs or less active breeds (many non-sporting breeds, some hounds, certain toy breeds, etc.), a daily walk will suffice.

snoopy More Stimulation!

" I just took my Aussie on a run, but he's still a flake!"

Physical exercise is only part of it... Dogs also need mental stimulation. Try getting him involved in a sport that makes him think (agility, frisbee, nose-work, even teaching new tricks!). Don't feed him kibble from a bowl! Make him work for it. Put food in a brain-teaser (you can find them at PetCo, or you can look online to make your own. Even use toys like Kongs.)

Onward to the Different Methods!

Okay, first off, what type of dog do you have?

-Lazy sleepyhead
-Hyper spaz-case!
-Average energy level.

-Goo fball
-He's different every day...
-I'm not really sure...

Make a mental note of what qualities your dog has...


This method is a favorite among people. It simply involves ignoring bad behaviors and "catching" the good ones. Usually clicker training is associated with this, although you can just use a keyword like "good" instead. This is great to boost confidence in shy dogs, it can also help motivate a stubborn dog. I use this method a lot, but sometimes it gets old pretty fast for certain dogs. The reward depends on your dog. Most dogs go bonkers for a tasty treat (I usually buy a small bag of fancy kibble... Those mini training-treats are SO spendy!)


Many people /think/ they're using this method, when really, they just nag and yell at their dog. (Know how people start tuning you out if you nonstop yell? Yeh, dogs do that too!) if done properly, this method can speak out to a dominant doggie, or a spazzy dog. I don't recommend it much for shy/sensitive ones though. Proper correction can be as little as a tap on the neck/side and a "Shhht!" And can go up to a sharp tug with the pinch collar and a firm "No!" The key to correction is perfect timing. If you scold even a few seconds too late, you might have just scolded your dog for being quiet...
You never want to give correction when your dog comes (even if he comes on the 20th call... Remember to keep the come command to just that, "Come" don't nag "you get your rear over here or else!...")
Also, never say their name on the correction. Fido won't sit. It's a "No, sit." It's not "FIDO! NO! SIT!!!"
Make sure your correction counts... You should only need to do one scold, don't start with a wimpy-questioning "not now...?" Always make it strong enough that you know he'll listen.

This method is a great one when properly executed. I NEVER advise using -only- corrections though, a dog ALWAYS needs praise and affection from you.

-Tones and Body Language

The most important part about training is to keep a calm energy going. Believe it or not, dogs mimic their owners. If you stay calm and cool like a good pack leader, the dog will know "oh wow, I don't have to be the insecure leader, I've got a good confident leader right here!". If you're nervous, bored, or scared, the dog will either ignore you or pick up on that and become a nervous wreck.
Tone is also important. During training, keep a positive-happy voice. Don't go overboard and turn it into your squeaky-baby voice though! Think positive-command tone. You are telling, not asking, your dog to do this. You're not screaming though...

-Practice practice practice!

In reality, any method out there can work for just about any dog. It's how the trainer executes that method. The best thing you can do is try different methods (I encourage combining them!) until one sticks with you and your dog. Your dog might respond well to sharp correction, but you might be too squeamish to deliver a hard "No" and that's fine! If you can master positive training, you will be okay!

My best advice is to never give up, never hold a grudge on your dog (corrections and praisings last only a moment before your dog forgets), and do tons of research! Watch TV shows on training, read books, study out websites.

If you're still having trouble connecting with your dog, I'd advise to contact a trainer with good reviews. They are there to train you, not the dog!

Finally, does anyone else have extra tips, tricks, techniques, and methods? I'm always learning new ways for my boys, and would love to hear from you!
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Food & Nutrition > Wenaewe food reviews?


Love water, hate- baths!
Barked: Wed Oct 30, '13 1:00pm PST 
I was at our local discount store, and saw some Wenaewe kibble for sale at a ridiculously low price. It was all organic, had grass-fed beef as the first ingredient, and it was only 15$ for 15lb! (I looked online and found a 15lb bag for 45$...) I figured might as well give it a shot. (Especially considering its 1/3 the price of Cassy's old food and I'm an unemployed teenager who buys the food...)

I'm not sure I'll stick with it due to the fact that there is only one meat source and several grains (no wheat/corn/etc of course).

Cassy has really sensitive skin, but surprisingly she hasn't had any itching episodes on this new food, plus her fur is feeling pretty soft and it doesn't have the foul odor. Since there isn't much animal-protein in the food, I supplement her with one raw egg daily.

Ultimately, I'm reeeeally curious on how many of you guys have heard of, seen, and especially TRIED Wenaewe. I'd really like some reviews so I have a feel for the food.

Thanks so much!
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Food & Nutrition > Is Affordable Food Possible? I think so!


Speed Demon
Barked: Mon Sep 23, '13 4:51pm PST 
I have three medium-large dogs, and I'm sure many of you have more, so you can totally understand how expensive food can get. On top of that, I'm just a teen, so don't have an income to afford much.

The sky is the limit on how good you can feed your dog, and its also the limit on how poorly you can feed your dog. You don't have to spend a fortune to get nutrition into your dog!

Kibble: Luckily I can get more than the dirt-cheap Kibbles n Bits, Dog Chow, and Ol' Roy (my dog was smart enough to just refuse it... Plus they ate almost twice as much of it). I also avoid the "fancy" name brands like Beneful and Pedigree (I especially HATE Beneful.... Look at the ingredients.... Corn and soy are on the top 3). I've found the most affordable kibble relative to its nutrition is Nutra Nuggets. I buy the lamb formula. Lamb is the first ingredient, the dogs love it, and its less than 30$ for a 40lb bag.
Basically the main thing you want is real meat (not by product, and NO NO NO corn!!!) as the first ingredient. I also look for Omega-3's, 6's, and glucosamine to keep their skin/joints healthy.

Vitamin supplements: these things can get spendy! I have found some very affordable ones at Wal Mart though. (I believe the brand is Pro-Vet) Puppy, Adult, and Senior tablets are tasty and only 5-7$ for 90 tabs. They help fill in gaps many foods miss. Joint supplements are always going to be a bit more expensive though, you want a decent amount of chondroitin as well as glucosamine though - they work as a pair. Fish oil is great for heart, joint, skin, and coat health. I just buy the human soft gels, about 20$ for 400 of them. Brewers yeast is also a great coat helper, the price can vary depending on where you get it.

Other supplements? I feed raw bones to the dogs to keep their teeth healthy. I also give them eggs (I always do raw, but if you wanna be safe - go ahead, cook them), and don't throw those shells away! Munch them up, microwave for 15-30sec, and sprinkle over the dog's food, it gives an extra boost of calcium. Coconut oil is another one of my favorites. It helps freshen breath, keep a healthy weight, and is good for skin/coat health. A fairly large container is only 7$ at Wal Mart. The dogs also get lots of seasonal fruits from our garden/trees.

I know I'm not giving my dogs "the best" nutrition, but I've managed to stretch my dollar pretty far while keeping their coats shiny and eyes glossy!

If you guys have any other money-saving nutrition suggestions, please post! I'm always up for something new to throw in their bowl!
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Other Barks & Woofs > What does YOUR dog get mistaken for that makes you wanna Laugh?...


Speed Demon
Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 4:19pm PST 
I'm just curious on sill random odd things that people have mistaken your dog for (e.g. A breed he's not, being the puppy of your other 2 dogs, etc... anything that made you either want to laugh your head off, or want to slap that person in the face & say "YOU IDIOT!!!")

I was taking my Shasta for a walk one time, he was wearing his blue paw-print harness, and I had dark sunglasses on. A girl riding her bike next to me said "Can I pet your guide-dog?" I said "What?!" She said "Aren't you a blind person with a guide-dog? I mean you're wearing glasses and the dog has the fancy harness!" So I took off my glasses and loosened Shasta's leash a bit, "Nope, I'm normal... see? I can see just fine"

Another time I was down at the playground making him go down the slide, jump over benches, and do his obedience. A couple boys came over, and with their jaws dropped said "WOAH! Is that a real live police-dog?!?" I just chuckled and said "Nope, he's my mutt... I don't think he could ever be a police-dog!"

Some stories I've heard of are people who had a couple big dogs [I think it was like a Golden Retriever & a big mutt], and a little terrier, and they've had people stop them and say "Awwww your puppy is so cute! Are those two his parents?" "uh... no... my 'puppy' is about 3 years old and a purebred JRT..."
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Other Barks & Woofs > Share your pup's silly little quirks!!!
Otto- 2011-2013- sleep well- ange

Super cute,- super sweet,- super pit!
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '12 9:37pm PST 
@ Kip & Oogie: Speaking of 'mad smart' dogs. My friend would go duckhunting with his black lab all the time. He trained it to retrieve very well of course, but he would belly-crawl in the grass to sneak up on the ducks, and that doggone dog was so smart that it mimicked him & belly-crawled as well, staying RIGHT next to him. He said he didn't have to train the dog to do it.... he'd just mimic his master... incredible dogs are!
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Other Barks & Woofs > Share your pup's silly little quirks!!!


Speed Demon
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '12 12:01pm PST 
Every afternoon. My boys, Shasta, and Otto, know it's dinner time. We keep the food in a big can outside. When Shasta says he's hungry, he runs up & jumps on the bench by the can. Otto stands in the middle of the yard, holding his football, giving me a blank stare when he's hungry.

As soon as I open the lid & fill up the cups, they blast off to the back [where Shasta's kennel & Otto's cable (and their food-bowls) are]. BUT! It is an epic battle between them. If Otto gets to the kennel first, he waits at the gate and will wrestle with Shasta [Otto loves it, Shaz hates it]. If Shasta gets there first, he runs inside to safety (For some reason Otto knows he's not allowed to go inside & bug Shaz... I think they have little talks about it...) and Otto backs off.

It's a strategy for Shasta though... Otto lopes off to the kennel, and Shasta stays behind.... when Otto's just about there... BAM! Shasta whizzes past him, often jumping clear over him, and flies into the kennel.

Anyway, their daily routine is immensely hilarious. It can't be described in words though [even though I tried... did a lousy job at that, hah]. I'm gonna have to try & get a video of it one of these days... I have NEVER seen dogs who have such an odd routine like that. But it just makes me love them both all the more for who they are laugh out loud
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Other Barks & Woofs > Is it just me, or do people frown upon "young" dog owners?


Speed Demon
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '12 11:23am PST 
I'm only 15 & have 3 dogs right now... [Well, our 10yr old lab is more my dad's dog, but since I'm the dog-freak of the family, I get the duty of buying treats, toys, collars, brushes, and taking care of them (I REALLY wish I could afford food for them.... getting kinda sick of having to feed 'em not-so-great food = )

I don't get dirty looks when I'm taking my boys for a walk... usually people say how well-behaved & handsome the boys are. But one time I took Shasta to a field & let him run around... he got just out of sight and I heard a bunch of barking & yipping... I ran over to see what was going on, this really old couple was holding their little Bichon and giving me THE worst glare imaginable... I mean I don't blame them to an extent... if there was a 45lb dog acting 'savage' to my little 8lb dog I'd probably be pretty ticked off too... but even when I calmed Shasta down and they continued on their walk, but they would still turn around and glare at me...... shrug
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Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > I drew a picture of Jackson!


Speed Demon
Barked: Tue Apr 24, '12 9:17am PST 
Thanks Jackson! Very awesome! =D
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American Pit Bull Terrier > Were you once a 'nonbeliever'? Scared of the breed? Share your story!
Otto- 2011-2013- sleep well- ange

Super cute,- super sweet,- super pit!
Barked: Mon Apr 23, '12 10:51pm PST 
Ah okay, somebody told me/showed me pics in another forum [can't remember who when or where though, haha]... probably were mixes. It's just so annoying anymore with the whole "Pit bull" thing..... anything with a square head and/or muscular build is called a pit.... ugh. Might as well call any black dog with floppy ears a labrador then!... shrug
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