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Boxer > PLEASE come "Like" Brodies facebook page & Spread awareness and stop the elimination of WHITE BOXERS


Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 1:43pm PST 
My family had a white boxer for 13 years -- best dog they've ever had (though I'm working on that!). Some time after losing him to cancer, they started looking around for another white boxer. Some of the breeders they contacted actually got mad when they asked about one, some even hung up the phone. They ended up adopting my dad, a black (sealed brindle) boxer. He eventually had a litter with mom, and HERE I AM! When I was born, they knew I was born for them. White boxers are just as amazing as the rest of the breed.
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Boxer > Feeling Down

Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 1:33pm PST 
I'm very sorry for your loss. With boxers, it generally is quick. I think this is because of how devoted they are to their humans. They just don't want to leave, or show signs of going. We lost a 13-year-old just over two years ago, and it is still hard. Again, so sorry about your loss.
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Boxer > To Boxer or not


I see your- brains!
Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 1:28pm PST 
Agreed, your border is obviously not familiar with boxers. I have had boxers all my life, and currently have four. Your post is a month old, but if you haven't decided or adopted yet, boxers are borderline genius dogs. They are quick to pick up on training, as long as they are properly motivated, which is good, because boxers can be easily motivated with treats. They do have a short attention span, at times, especially as pups. Therefore, during training sessions they will want to break away and run around a bit. Let them. They blow off some steam and come back to the treat training. Boxers are also great family dogs and one would love all the attention he/she would get in a house of seven. You will have to be careful with the cat, however. If you are getting a boxer, get it very young. If it is too old, it will not likely get along with the cat. They have a very strong prey drive. Good luck with your choice, and I hope you go with the boxer!
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