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Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 1:52am PST 
I tell my dogs' vet that Ace is NOT to be used. I tried before letting a vet know about my concerns with Ace but he used it any way on my boxer. It cost us several thousands of dollars because of his refusal to use something else. We had "fainting" spells where the dog would get so excited that he would collapse and it appeared that he had "died." Fortunately, he didn't but it was something that affected for almost 10 years. That first night was horrible. Later another I told another vet that I forbid the use of Ace. He thought I was crazy but I was firm. Later he reported to me that he had changed his mind because he lost another dog after using Ace.

Before that I used Ace for another boxer that I had to transport via car 2 hours to a specialist for knee surgery to keep her quiet. No problems but after reading about Ace and the effect on another boxer I now refuse to allow Ace for any reason. There are other drugs that are safe and effective.
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