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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > if you would like wings
Gigi (dearly- loved)

Runnin' wild and- pain free at the- Bridge
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '12 4:08pm PST 
The last time I needed this done didn't there use to be the A-Team forum or something like that? Anyway, we lost Gigi yesterday. Could someone please take one of her pictures that's suitable and give her her wings, she deserves them.

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Fostering?
Bandit- (Adopted!)

Barked: Mon Apr 23, '12 7:34pm PST 
There are a few links that discuss the pros and cons. Here's some info from dogster Fostering can be a lot of work. Many dogs in rescue have issues, either physical or behavior wise. You don't need to be a dog training expert to solve every issue, but you need to try to take care of the basics. You will probably need to transport as needed to the Vet which will be the rescue's Vet which may not be close to you. In our case, we supply most of the food and treats, the rescue pays the Vet bills. Any rescue expenses you have are tax deductable though. There's the chance the foster won't get along with your other dogs or other household members. Perhaps the biggest con is having to let go when they are adopted.

The pro's, you are responsible for saving the life of these dogs. Without rescues and the foster families these dogs would in many cases be put down or live a life in a shelter which can cause all sorts of mental problems. You are also helping provide a worth while companion for the people who adopt. Your hard work helps make that happen and by knowing the dog's quirks, you can help ensure the dog goes to a home that is a good fit. If you read Bandit's diary, you can see that he's a ladies dog and doesn't like men so much unless a woman is home. So being adopted by a nice retired lady is a good fit for him (Bandit was adopted today!!!). A shelter wouldn't know a dog well enough to be able to make that determination and so they could go to the wrong home and end up back at the shelter after a short time.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Happy Ending--senior dog with cancer (gone now but never to be forgotten)


Throw the ball
Barked: Mon Jan 3, '11 9:57pm PST 
Beamer was 12 when we adopted him. My plan was to adopt another Sheltie about the same age as Bows who was distraught over the death of our first Sheltie (as were we). I asked about any health problems, the rescue said he didn't have any. But I soon found out he had to have a number of teeth pulled and he had a heart murmur. Although we loved the time we had with him and we're so glad we were able to give him the love he deserved (his actions indicate he was abused) he left us after 18 months from congestive heart failure. Our dogs mean a lot to us and when they cross the bridge, it's hard, real hard. We don't want to go through that so often, so we're not sure if we'll adopt dogs that old again. We continue to foster senior Shelties though. We're glad that you were able to make your Sheltie's last days happy.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Would you want updates on a rehomed dog?


Throw the ball
Barked: Mon Jan 3, '11 9:28pm PST 
I try to get updates on all of them whenever possible. One was turned over to someone else so I don't get updates on her anymore. My rescue director did give me one update afterwards that she wasn't doing too great, she was really starting to show her age. I see my first successful foster at the yearly rescue picnic.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Can a shelter stop a person from fostering a dog that was once their dog?


Throw the ball
Barked: Mon Jan 3, '11 9:24pm PST 
IMO, the only BS reason I've seen for seizing animals near me is when townships have ridiculous requirements as far the number of animals allowed. One family fought tooth and nail to keep all their pets because the township only allowed three of any kind of pet and one of their dogs was a police dog.

The fostering forms I've filled out ask if you ever turned a dog into a shelter or rescue. I never asked them the reason, but I'm sure they don't want fosters who may have added to the problem of unwanted pets. I realize that life's events sometimes requires it, loss of home or other financial difficulties, but they are responsible for the dogs and they pay for their Vet bills, so they call the shots.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > How hard is it to say goodbye to a foster?
Shelby-ADOPT- ED

A sweet girl- looking for a- forever home
Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 7:51pm PST 
Our first foster Shelby was the hardest. When I saw the look on her face when they put the leash on her and she was like "what are you doing, where am I going?" it was hard. We still get updates and see her at the Sheltie rescue picnics. Her new owners even said they thought we were going to keep her at first. Afterwards, some are harder than others, but it does get a little easier. Some were a relief to us and the other dogs when they left. It is the price we pay to help these poor souls.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > How long will I cry everyday and when will it get easier to be without Tyler

Buttons (In- Loving- Memory)

Barked: Fri Dec 3, '10 9:25pm PST 
My Dad was forever changed by my passing. One thing he did was go to this website where lots of people can give you support, go into the message board . He also got into Sheltie rescue and adopted Beamer in order to help in a small way to lessen the pain. Just don't think your grief is not normal. Some people will say 'get a grip, it's only a dog', they don't have a clue as to how much our fur babies mean to us. Time heals the pain, but won't eliminate it altogether. Each person is different as to how much time is needed to get back to almost a normal life.
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Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Kasey in the news


Ain't I handsome
Barked: Thu Nov 25, '10 9:52pm PST 
The day we brought Kasey home, he got away from me and took off running. It took us 20 days to finally catch him. One of the places I posted a 'lost dog' ad was the local newspaper. Last month they did an article on tips to help people find their lost pets and they asked me for info. When I opened the paper a couple weeks later, Kasey was on the front page of the local supplement. Here it is.

Kasey- Weekly Record

And the article.
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Sports & Agility > OOOh Hey can some people talk to me about agility???


Throw the ball
Barked: Thu Aug 12, '10 9:04pm PST 
I want to do it with Shadow, but just haven't had the time. I bought this inexpensive kit to get started with.

We went to our first agility trial last Saturday, it was fun watching. I taped mostly Shelties but got a couple others too. Shelties do great, but Border Collies are king. Just watch the one in this video.
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Dog Health > How much have you spent on vet care?

Throw the ball
Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 5:10pm PST 
For those who are having ahard time paying the Vet bills, you might want to look at Care Credit. It's a credit card that gives you at least three months to pay off healthcare and Vet bills with no interest. I used it for Bows operation and Beamers ER bill.
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