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We are considering getting a miniature poodle (or 2) however we both have day jobs meaning we would be gone 8-10 hours 5 days a week. Would a miniature poodle, or 2, behave well under these circumstances? Some years ago we had a dog and did not do our breed research. After months of working with her, and thousands of dollars purchasing new furniture she tore up in our absence, we had to return her to the shelter. We do not want to ever have to do that to a dog again.

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Poodles are extremely smart and active dogs, and very people oriented. They are not a breed that's happy to just lie around alone all day.

My husband and I both work, but luckily, my husband is able to work from home once or twice a week, so the dog is not alone all day for five days in a row.

The most important thing is exercise. We give our mini a 20 minute walk every morning, followed by a 20 to 40 minute walk at night. On weekends we visit the dog park and go for hour-long walks/hikes. He also goes to doggie daycare one day a week, which is mental stimulation and some exercise as he runs around.

I think if you are dedicated to providing a lot of exercise and attention when you are not at work, it could be OK.