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We are retired, disabled, wanting to travel in an RV, have allergies, are experienced dog owners and are planning on acquiring a puppy. My partner says that, definitely, we will train our own this time. We also have two sets of grandchildren that we dearly love. Both families have larger dogs. Our grandchildren tend to be "spirited." So we are doing our research and it keeps getting down to either Havanese, Miniature Poodle, or, of course, a Havapoo. We're getting mixed messages on the child dimension of Miniature Poodles. Are they really all that bothered by noise and confusion, excitement, etc. Do they, as a breed, tend to bite when "upset" by noise, confusion, etc.? I know, I know, good training and all of that but breed characteristics do make a difference. And yes, we and their parents, are in fact experienced dog owners and parents so we are working on the "training" of the grandchildren too. But spirited is spirited and, generally, a good characteristic we think. Back to dog breed characteristics, for example, we are pretty consistently hearing the Min Poo's can be "barky." But, yes, training can make a difference there but they still can be "barky" as it is a breed characteristic. We can live with that and do the training required. Also, we are interested in Miniature Poodle, not a Toy Poodle, breeding issues we have learned. Help please.