Pasadena CA Ever want to be a puppy raiser for a service dog?

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Bailey- (SDIT)

Born to serve
Barked: Fri May 21, '10 11:31am PST 
Hi, I've got a unique puppy raising opportunity. I'm looking for a kind of puppy raiser like they use in service/guide dog organizations. I am trying to train my own service dog. At this point, I can't have puppy living in my home because of my living situation (I've got a very elderly dog). But if I want a service dog I've got to start training now since I'm starting graduate school soon.

So here's the deal: I am looking for a sort of modified puppy raiser experience. The puppy would live at your house but I would take him virtually every day and spend at least 8 hours dog training and taking him out- So I would need the raiser to live near or in Pasadena. When my old dog passes, or when I go to school, I will be taking the dog. I will pay for everything; vet, food, toys, etc. I know usually puppy raisers have to do a lot of work like taking him to classes, public places, etc. So I am looking for a 'puppy raiser lite' since I will be doing most of the work (and I want to do it too!). Mostly its a safe haven for the dog and would be good socialization. This would start in July and I would be taking the dog back within a year (at the very latest).

What you would get:

· A cute, healthy, well-bred 8-week-old labradoodle puppy (25lb as an adult)

· Someone to take him out 8+ hours a day

· Free vet care, food, supplies, etc.

The work:

· Feeding

· Overnight care- like potty breaks etc.

· following my training directions (like using only positive reinforcement)

· limited training (like crate training which I could not do since he'll be at your house)

· And of course, giving him back to me when it's time (the hardest part!)

This would be great practice for someone who had been thinking about getting a puppy and wants to see what goes into it, or for someone who has always wanted a puppy but hasn't gotten one for financial reasons. Cats are ok as long as they are nice but I would prefer my puppy raiser to have no other dogs. So if you are interested, send me an email ASAP (thirty2flavors01@gmail.com) and we can talk more about it.