My poodle (Please Read! Want opinions!) Hair Loss

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Elizabeth- Hope Joy- Senn (R.I.P

She is an Aussie- MIx!
Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 1:10am PST 
My Poodle has never been one to let anyone groom or trim him, and he absolutely cant stand bath time. He fidgets so much and makes the biggest mess. It is almost impossible to even wash him without him going psycho. He wont let anyone groom him, and by now everyone we take him to for a haircut refuses to trim him. He is a tiny toy poodle and is 2 years old. He has had some hair loss in a few spots lately, and I am wondering has yours ever done this? The vet just gave me some ointment and hot spot treatment, but so far I havent saw anything improve. confused

Barked: Fri Jan 8, '10 10:29pm PST 
My 11 year old poodle has SEVERE dermatitis. I mean the raw, flaky, stinky kind. I've recently found ATOPIX and am going to try it.... For now he will have to be in lions clip D: