Scarlet actually cried real tears today! - Amazing!

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Scarlet Rose

Barked: Fri Oct 2, '09 10:15am PST 
Today Scarlet woke me up very early and did her usual, "I am hungry thing". So unlike on usual days, she was fed at about 6:30 AM. We went for our usual morning walk, played for a bit then she walked up to her empty plate. I could tell what she wanted...More food. As I tried my best to explain to her that she had already been given her breakfast, she looked up at me and her eyes began to boil up with tears. Then to my complete amazement, actual tear drops began to roll down from her eyes! She was actually crying! Needless to say, I love her so very much that she could have asked me for ANYTHING at that very moment and I would have given it to her! My heart nearly broke and melted at the very same time. So, I gave in to her crying eyes and fed her again! The tears instantly stopped and the tail wagged as usual! I thought dogs were not physically able cry? Whoever claims this is VERY wrong. Maybe she will fly tomorrow?