Hey poodle lovers!

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Gibbs Sassy- Cherokee- PawneeYak

Little Miss- Sassyfrass
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 12:19am PST 
I have a toy poodle that is 9 months old names Sassy. I have always loved poodles. I love them so much that I have started a club just for poodle lovers.

If you would like to join us we are fairly new so come join in and get acquainted while everyone else is too. Or just come by when you can.

Here is the link:


Buff Puff my- mini poodle
Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 4:14pm PST 
blue doglittle angelI have a 7month old miniature poodle apricot color. I would like to join your club, but cant' seem to get on the site. Becky

No matter where- you go, there- you are
Barked: Sat Mar 28, '09 8:01pm PST 
Poodles are the best!