Potty training

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 2:49pm PST 
I'm having a hard time catching on to potty training, as I've heard most min-pins do. I understand I potty outside, but if mommy isn't watching, I don't let her know I have to go. I like peeing on my puppy training pads, and I like to do number 2 on the bathroom rug.
I'm 6 months old, and mom is trying to make me ring bells on the doorknob when it's time to go outside, but I only do that if she's already attached the leash to me.
What advice do you guys have for learning to do my business outside everytime? As well as getting me to tell mom when I have to go?

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Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 7:22am PST 
Hey there. Few questions:

Do you have a regular schedule? Not only for when you take them out to eliminate, but a schedule for feeding and water. I think this helps tons. Instead of having to know when your pup needs to go, we can be trained to look forward to this time. This does take some time to sink in...Also If you let us eat at 12 at night we may have to go before your ready!

What are you cleaning the mistakes up with.? Daddy believes amonia based cleaners just lures us back to the same spot.

Are you crate training?

Some pointers
Praise tons when your pup eliminates outside
take them to the same spot every time
Try your best to keep an eye on them! I know its tough, but until your pup learns how to inform you, it may save you a few accidents.

Good luck

{last edit} Oh and you may need some patience, some of us catch on quickly, but daddy read that some of us don't get the point until after our first birthday.

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Do you have a consistent schedule? Consistency is a MUST when potty training your dog. As soon as you wake up you need to take your dog outside to potty, no matter what. And you need to take your dog potty before bedtime as well.

Have you tried crate training?

What type of cleaning products are you using? The previous poster is right - Products containing ammonia intensify the smell to a dog, therefore making them think that it is ok for them to urniate/defecate at that spot. I recommend Natures Miracle! It comes in a white jug with red lettering. You can find this at PETCO/PETSMART. It is colorless and odorless.

Is it possible for you to shut your doors that you do not want your dog going in? Such as bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room doors..

It is also important to give a lot of praise when your dog potties in the correct spot. If your dog is food motivated, it is great to take a couple of high value treats with you when you go for a potty break with your dog. You could try using a voice command such as "Go Potty", or "Get Busy" at a specific spot in your walk.

For example

I live in apartments, so Gunner and I frequently go on walks. Infront of my apartment is a lightpole that I have taught Gunner to automatically go potty on. What I did was this

When I approach the lightpole, I stop and give the voice command of "Go Potty!", in a very pleasant voice.
If he did not go potty, just stood there, started pulling on the lead etc.etc, I would go back inside, wait a few minutes, then try the previous command again.
Once he did go potty by the lightpole, I would IMMEDIATELY give a treat and praise him. Eventually he connected the two, lightpole, potty, treat!
I do not treat him everytime, but vary it throught the day for our walks.

Hope that helps smile

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Barked: Sun Feb 3, '08 11:23pm PST 
I agree with all the previous posts... A feeding schedule is key to getting poops outside, and consistency is definitely key for pee. (smile hehe rhymes.)

I'm the same age as your dog, and I usually poop 15-20 minutes after eating. I pee pee every 45 minutes to hour and a half. My people make sure and take me out as soon as I wake up from naps, because that's a time when I really have to go.

I still have accidents though... At night, when I cry for my people to wake up and take me out, sometimes they are dead asleep, so I gotta pee or poop in the room. But that's their fault! Not mine!

Just keep taking your little guy out and he'll get the hang of it. It's tedious, and you may feel like you're constantly outside, but it works.

I don't like to go when it's raining, so I go in the house... Unless my person is really mean she makes me stay outside til I finally go. I can tell it irritates her.

Also, my people make it a point not to punish me for going inside. I don't really know any better, I am a dog after-all. So if they catch me in the act, they will pick me up and put me outside. But if they find my presents, they won't punish me because then I will think that pooping and peeing is bad, and I might start becoming afraid of using the bathroom in front of you.

Hope it helps! Remember, accidents happen!

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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 6:36pm PST 
Yes, I'm on a regular schedule with feeding and walking. Same times every day, and mom has learned to take me out right after eating and again about a 1/2 hour later.
I just simply don't tell her when I have to go out of the ordinary, or if she gets caught up with stuff, I don't care to let her know.
Problem with trying to teach me with treats is that if I hear or smell them, that's all I can think of when we're outside. If I know she's taken some out with her, I stare at her the whole time. And trust me, mom can't sneak out with treats because my sniffer and my ears are just toooooo good haha.
I like to go potty on mom's bathroom rugs mostly (and usually just #2 now), so she pretty much just washes them in the washer with detergent.

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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 2:22pm PST 
If treats distract me too much from the needed task, daddy doesn't use them. Instead he praises me and gives him a nice rub.

I don't think daddy ever gave me a treat for going potty outside, but he always gives me lots of love. Your mileage may vary, but it seems that it may be best to remove treats from the equation. They aren't the only way to train us.
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Barked: Sat Jun 14, '08 6:54am PST 
I was reading on wikipedia that min pins are notorious to housetrain. That if they are 85% housetrained that is considered potty trained. Ha. I have two min pins. Sara and Lola. Lola is two and basically 100% potty trained. Sara on the other hand constantly goes into the utility room and does her business. Never number 1 only 2. I have had a lot of other dogs through the years and always successfully potty trained with no problem. There is something about this breed. I have tried everything. She is the best little dog except for this problem. So if you have tried everything and still have problems I can really sympathize.
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Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 12:49pm PST 
Yes my mom and dad have done everything. I don't really mean it but I would sometimes rather not go outside. They have tried closing the door to the room I usually go in but then I just go somewhere else when they are not looking. They don't get mad but you know they are so disappointed. I feel bad too. I am on a feeding schedule and they use Nature's Miracle to clean up with. Also a cleaner with germ killer in it because of my poop. Ha. I wish I would be able to stop so they would be happy. My sister hardly ever makes mistakes.thinking

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