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I have a miniature dachshund boy that is 4 years old. I have tried several methods to train him with no success. He constantly barks at who/whatever he wants to, he stands by the door when he wants to go out (somehow) and even if I take him out he will still poop in the house without hesitation. My father and I are sick of living in a toilet, and my mother loves him too much to even discuss anything with us. I've tried barking collars that spray him in the face, kennel training, squirting him, yelling at him, ignoring him, using treats if he is good, locking him in a room and ignoring him if he is bad.. I don't know what else to do! Please help me!

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I have an eight month old mini dachshund boy who up until recently has been quite difficult to house train. I was advised to go out with my dog every hour and when he is in the middle of peeing say pee pee good boy and offer a treat or a cuddle and to do the same when pooping. For me this has worked well! way to go

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I have two minis, tucker my boy was fine untill i had hime neutered, now he pees and poops in myhouse everyday, im used to, unfortunately. Dallas my girl was fine untill she got around tucker, now not as often she copies him. The only thing that works for mine id to take them out every hour, and when you do give them a good long timeto go, mine r so selective about going that if i dont give them enough time, theyll go the secind we walk back in the house, i tried a potty patch, they werent having it, ive also notice neither one of mine r good at giving signals to go outside, dallas was bell trained to go potty but i didnt keep up w it. you just have to take them out religiously, they have tiny bodies therefore go a lot more. that or my friend trianed hers with the disposable potty pads, her uses his everyday in the same spot