Is it true doxies generally only like other doxies

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Doxies are one of two breeds I am interested in adding to my family after one of my babies passes on. The doxy would be sharing my home with pugs (I love the breed) and probably an english bulldog. I particularly like wire haired doxies. My one concern regarding a doxie is dog aggresion, and to a lesser extent barking since we live in the city. Our dogs go for about an hour walk a day and I love that a doxie is supposed to be playful and affectionate, I am familar with the breed as my husband's family has them and he grew up with them. I know they are standoffish with strangers, not an issue. However, I have heard they dont like other dogs other hten doxies, is this the case. Id likely be getting a puppy and socializing it a lot with other dogs. (We aldo have cats)

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Sorry I didn't notice this until now.

In general, Doxies do tend to love other Doxies and smaller dogs in general. Some of them are afraid of larger dogs and can do the "I'm
gonna get you before you get me" routine.

They usually get along well with dogs that are part of their pack, no matter the breed.

If you socialize them with all sorts of dogs when they're puppies they'll probably be fine. Lupi is almost 4 years old and gets along with all kinds of dogs, big and small. She prefers to play with other Doxies or smaller dogs, but she'll happily greet bigger dogs too.

As far as the barking goes, I think that's a bit dependent on the personality of the individual dog, but do expect alert barking from your Dachshund. I curbed Lupi's barking by feeding her whenever someone passed by the house. She doesn't bark at people going by now, but still lets us know whenever someone comes to the door. I just can't seem to break her of that. The best cure for nuisance barking, I've found, is to make sure my dog has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to tire her out.

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i Have hada few doxies and they sometimes get a bad rap. I think that they are all wonderul dogs. Their very capable of being good family dogs, and they do good with all people. The key ive found to doxies is to expose them to everything. If you expose them to things when their still young, they dont have problems in these situations later on. My 3 doxies all love people,kids, other dogs. But we have made a point to have them in all these situations when they were growing up. Most of the time these stereotypes are because of the bad owners, not the dogs.