New Dachshund with skin problems

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Barked: Tue Jan 12, '10 6:32am PST 
Good morning fellow mini dachshunds lovers,
We just added a new mini dox to our family in November. We have been having a lot of skin issues. Itching, flaking and now the doc says he has a skin fungal infection.
confused Is this common with doxies?
We are using a medicated shampoo, but it does not seem to be helping much. I also switched his food about a month ago to Orijen grain free incase it was a food allergy. And added some fish oils as well. But not helping here! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Barked: Fri Jan 22, '10 10:02am PST 
I hear they tend to have skin issues. Choto has been bald on neck and abdomen since about 8 months old, skin scrappings never revealed a problem. I do have to have benadryl on hand, b/c he does get allergic reactions to things, even last vaccine.

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Lucy, you sound like my poor Diamond, we have been having an ongoing issue for a year now, and have had to go on Royal Cabin's Analergenic dogfood to help her immune system, skin issues and possible allergy's. We have tried all foods, raw diet, cooked diet, grain-free,and vegetarian diet. Have you had success?