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Low Ryder

Ruff Ridin Low- Ryder
Barked: Thu Dec 3, '09 10:15pm PST 
I'm thinking about getting another doxie and breeding them. What are some things i would need to have or do to make sure the puppies are happy and healthy. Anything you can tell me about breeding would be much appreciated. Thank you. puppy

Princess Chloe- gets whatever- she wants
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 1:48pm PST 
My only advice is never, never breed two dapples together as my little Chloe is deaf and has bad vision. The effects of breeding two dapples can be much worse and result in death. If you type in double dapple you can learn a lot about this problem. Good luck as I bred reds once and it was so hard to see the puppies go even though they went to good homes. Smiles!