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Baloo Biggie-

Mama's Biggie
Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 10:58pm PST 
My baby just turned 4 months old on the 16th of October. He was only 4 and 1/2 weeks old. His mother had nursing issues. He's training wonderfully, potty, leash, sit, shake, bathing, nails, ears...everything has been amazingly smooth- but the past couple of weeks- he is playing too rough, nipping, biting, jumping on certain family members. The biting is worrying me. He just won't stop, nothing works- not even time out. I have a 3yr old and my almost 80 year old mother living with us,(She bleeds very easy. )We live very rural- the closest obedience class or pet smart is over an hour away. Any suggestions? I got a muzzle but I couldn't get it on him because of the biting. He doesn't seem to do it as aggression just biting and chewing seems like all he wants to do the past two week!