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Effie May

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Barked: Mon Dec 28, '09 8:56pm PST 
Does anyone have any experience with acupuncture and hip problems? Effie May is in the early stages of some sort of hip issues (in both hips). Her age is unknown, but is believed to be around 3. I have had her about a year & half now. She is a recue that came with a lot of fear base aggression, most of it she has over came, but she still gets worried at the vets office. With this in mind, her abusive/neglectful past, and how she was doing physically we decided that we would hold off on x-rays for now. However, this will probably happen next year.

Her regular vet has approved Joint Max triple strength 4 tabs a day, a 1200 fish oil capsule a day, and for now aspirin is doing very well in managing her occasional painful moments.

Any experiences with acupuncture are welcome negative or positive.

Thanks Maranda and crew.

Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 4:20pm PST 
Ya Samson goes for acupuncture. It helped him with ACL issues. He has 1 ACL that is torn and 1 that is blown. Acupuncture helps with his pain alot.

Ask your vet about Tramadol also
Effie May

Supper Size
Barked: Mon Apr 5, '10 6:45pm PST 
Thank you so much for your response. She is now on Tramadol for a need knee injury and will have xrays done in the next couple of weeks. When she goes in for her xrays ill ask about the acupuncture. By the way she was on tylenol as needed not aspirin.


Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 5:00pm PST 
My dog Vladimir has gotten acupuncture once a week for the last 2 months for a neurological problem. It has helped him immensely and we will continue acupuncture probably for the rest of his life. He loves going and practically drags me out of the car. Once he gets in he lays in the assistants lap and falls asleep with the needles in. He seems to feel alot better after every session and the good effects last all week I am so glad we gave acupuncture a chance and am not sure he'd be around without it. I would highly recommend acupuncture for any dog and am happy to answer any more questions you may have about it.