Poop eating and licking

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Harley &- Rubi

me, me, me it's- all about me!!
Barked: Tue Nov 29, '11 11:38pm PST 
Hi! Our dog Rubi is 18 months old she is an english chocolate lab. We got her when she was 5 1/2 months old. We noticed that she will eat our other dogs poop. We have tried everything. We changed her food, gave both dogs pineapple and even tried pills that say it will stop the poo eating. Nothing has helped at all. Rubi also loves to lick. I tell Rubi not to lick and it breaks my heart because I feel that it is her way of showing affection.

So the question is, does anyone have any suggestion on how to get your dog to stop eating poop. Also, does anyone know why dogs eats poop?

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