What your Lab has eaten...

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Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Wed Oct 7, '09 10:26am PST 
This is my first lab but I have heard COUNTLESS stories of what Labs have gotten into. Besides garbage diving what are some of the memoriable items your dog has eaten? Starrs list included..

Mussel shells
Cans (chewing on it like a bone lol)
And recently (yesterday) half a pound of assorted Hershey's candies. Wrappers included
Cat toys/mice (licks them up like a treat lol)

Tennis balls are- the point of- life!
Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 8:51am PST 
Oh yes Labds will eat anything that doesn't eat them first! Hehe. My Lab Abbi hasn't eaten aything that's not suposed to be eaten. (Not for lack of tryingsmile ) She's almost eaten a cat toy.
Samson- Service Dog, TD, CGC

More Loyal Every- Day
Barked: Sat Jan 22, '11 4:30pm PST 
When Samson was a year old and still discovering the world he ate EVERYTHING! He ate pillows, slippers, socks, bicycle seats, and the unbelievable jumper cables(he only did that onces...ouch!).


wanna play?
Barked: Thu Jan 27, '11 4:03pm PST 
My first lab Sweetpea, RIP, ate the entire center of our mattress!

Um.. Guys....Can- we play?
Barked: Sat Jan 29, '11 5:51pm PST 
Hmmm...where should we start! Miyah had eaten a few things in her days...we've got flip flops/crocs, tupperwear, wooden kitchen utensils, plastic spatulas, one of the legs on our wooden kitchen chair, two remote controls, one time when grandpa was "dog sitting" she got a whole loaf of bread and the whole butter container(ate/licked all the butter..not the container itself) oh...hmm..she's eaten pumpkins, table runners, seat belts and I think that's about it!!!

However,we still love her to death and never could be mad at her because she always has this huge smile on her face when we would catch her!! She is almost 4 now though and hasn't chewed anything up in quite awhile..she grew out of it......FORTUNATELY!!!

Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 11:05am PST 
Ohhh, Brings back memories:

Siding off the house then chewed through the house and pulled out the insulation
back yard fence
Eye glasses
coffee table
baseball glove
silverware with wooden handles (from my grandmother)
floor tiles
bushes in the yard
pulled little pine trees out of the ground

kitchen towels
bathroom garbage
pot holders silverware and coffee cups out of the sink
coffee table
Before I adopted Ringo from my son, he chewed an award letter signed by Pres. Obama to my grandaughter and my sons favorite Beatles tie

Things that were unrecognizable. There's alot more but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now.

good luck

If you leave it- lay, it's mine.
Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 2:55pm PST 
Oh man. I think there might be more. I know there's more. Here goes:
The carpet
The bathroom floor
Living room table
Love seat cushion
Her sister Sophie the shih tzu's bed
Most of her toys EXCEPT her kong
All pillows
All stuffed animals
2 serving spoons
A ladle
A spatula (rubber)
All sponges (we wash the dishes with a rag now lol)
Any other "stuffed" thing she can get her hands on
Samsung galaxy s-pen (just last night)
Countless bags of kitchen/bathroom trash
Countless rolls of toilet paper
Sisters puppy pads. Had to find a new toilet training method for Sophie.
Daddy's Nike slippers
2 playstation remotes
2 Comcast remotes. Only the Comcast ones. I think she hates Comcast.
A sleeping bag
All of her sisters toys
Any paper laying around. This dog WILL eat ALL homework smile
Me to professor: this is going to sound really cliche, but my dog ate my homework.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure there's more.
But like the previous statement stated:
You can't really be mad, because when you see the mess, she's sitting in the middle of it with a HUGE smile, wagging her tail!!!
My days would be dull without my gal.

Edit: forgot everyone's toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower sponges and a bulb of garlic.

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Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Tue Oct 8, '13 6:50am PST 
Savannah ate the hem fabric from a muumuu that I was shortening for my mother. She pooped festive Hawaiian patterns for several days after.

Barked: Wed Jan 15, '14 11:33am PST 
Oh wow , everyone I think my family is very fortunate with Ruby!
She outgrew her chewing stage very young. Maybe because she was crated for a while when she was a pup wink
But she's been a houses of for a while and she's not a chewer wink