Where did you get your Japanese Terrier?


Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 2:10pm PST 
As you J.T. owners may have realized, the Japanese Terrier is a rare breed, even in Japan. So I was wondering, are there J.T. breeders in America? I've seen/heard of at least 2 other J.T.'s besides mine in Northern California alone, but mine and the one I found on Dogster were both rescues..

Ours, we got her from a rescue, and she had had puppies in her former home, but was turned into a municipal shelter. The rescue kindly rescued her, because she was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I believe she had been owned for the sole purpose of being bred, so she had had little socialization in the past. Well, we found her at the rescue, and fell for her enormous brown eyes.
Well, now, she's quite the hyper little girl, to say the least. She's really bloomed into a social butterfly.. or should I say, social pingpong ball!

Share your stories!

Ever vigilant
Barked: Thu Apr 24, '08 2:30pm PST 
We got Norton from a rescue who got him out of the Salinas city shelter. He is a cheerful little clown, always wants to play and is very affectionate. He was found on the street as a stray.

These dogs are very smart and they learn fast. He loves to play ball and play with his toys. Sometimes he brings a selection of toys and lays them around him.

I would never buy a dog, because there are so many that need homes. But if you see a Japanese Terrier in the shelter, and you like very active, affectionate dogs, a JT is for you!