is anyone else's Chin obsessed with licking?

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I need to lick!
Barked: Tue May 22, '07 6:35pm PST 
Emme constantly has to lick...anything... her paws, our feet, legs, hands, all of the other dogs faces and paws, and any kind of blanket. Does anyone else do this?

Stop! You little- fart-nugget!
Barked: Sat May 26, '07 7:06pm PST 
Gabby also seems preoccupied with cleaning things but not to the extent that she overgrooms herself or concentrates on inanimate objects. I see other house mates. I would make sure she gets plenty of one on one time and also plenty of exercise. Keeping her mind on her great home life may alleviate some of the licking. Wishing you the best success with your little sweetheart!

Barked: Thu Jun 7, '07 4:18pm PST 
Ladybugz and our Bevo so totally obsessed with licking as well.big grin


Pay me- Attention!!
Barked: Sat Jun 30, '07 8:12am PST 
Maximo licks his paws first thing when he wakes up and it's the last thing he does before we go to bed at night. When it's time to get up he licks my chin or nose to wake me up. smile
Samurai- Warrior Chin

Can we go out- and play- now?!?!?
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 11:57am PST 
Samurai is a big licker as well...he kisses everyone that will let him as well as other dogs. At night I have to ask him to settle down (if I yell he does it more) because he is licking licking licking cleaning himself but I want to sleep...the cream off my legs my deoderant....he licks me in the morning after I have given him his belly rub for 20 minutes, I think it is a thank you but who knows!

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Cute as a- muffin!
Barked: Wed Jul 18, '07 9:29am PST 
For sure! My chin will lick the skin off of you if you let her. She obsessively cleans her front paws, but if you play with her and give her something to do she generally settles down. I think it is a boredom thing, but also the fact that chins are known to be one of the "cleanest" breeds for this very reason.
Sake - 1999-2008

Saketini High- Maintenance the- Playful
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '07 10:03am PST 
Sake licks his paws all day...and all night. It's become a family and friends joke.

Barked: Fri Sep 7, '07 12:42am PST 
it might be an allergy, my vet diagnosed my brother prince as having atopy, some kind of dermatitis, because he is always licking his paws. he was given a shot and he stopped licking his paws! as a follow up, my mom sprays his paw pads when he starts to lick them. she also washes our paws after talking a walk.
Snapdraggon'- s Sasaki- Aka, PAWS

Small but- Mighty!
Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 9:47pm PST 
Saki is obsessed with licking feet! laugh out loud It's quite a family joke!

Barked: Sat Oct 13, '07 10:10pm PST 
Gizmo is always licking his his nose! he licks his feet a lot too.
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