Constant Shaking

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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 5:59pm PST 
My older (almost 13yr) JRT has been shaking (even when sleeping/calm or just standing) for about a year now constantly. Occasionally he'll be still but he just shakes. He's been to the vet for his regular shots and the vet just thought he was nervous for being there but it is constant and not just when he's excited/nervous/etc. I am assuming its just old age... but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this with their Jacks getting older or if it may be a medical condition I need to have the vet look into further?

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Barked: Thu Jan 10, '13 7:42pm PST 
My jack russell was constantly shaking and losing weight. She is 11 years old. She was diagnosed with Addisons disease, she now gets a Percorten injection every 25 days.

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Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 10:08am PST 
My male jack russell is 14 years old. He has shaken since we got him from the breeder when he was 5 months old. It is VERY noticeable. People comment on it all the time. We spoke with the breeder and have taken him to several different vets over the years. All say there is nothing wrong with him. We got his sister from the same breeder, she is now 12, and she has never shaken. He shakes all of the time - when he is relaxed, when he is sleeping, when he is eating, etc. He shakes more when he is excited. He does seem to be shaking more as he gets older.


Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 7:45pm PST 
My JRT shakes when he has to go out to do his business. I first noticed it in the car. I think he was worried that he would go in the car, so I let him out, he did his business, and the shaking stopped. I've learned now, that whenever he shakes, he needs to go outside. But a constant shake, I would think, is a medical condition.

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Barked: Sat Apr 6, '13 10:47am PST 
My JRT shakes when she's anxious & especially when her "daddy" is not home.