big help needed with my Jack Russel

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Hi, I've a Jack Russell and she's about 1 now. I got her about 3 and a half months ago!
she follows me around everywhere, sits under my feet or on my knee, and although its lovely to give her a cuddle, it's a little worrying that she wont let me out of her sight? she even sits in the hall way when I'm in the kitchen and watches me until I'm finished?

she used to chew and scratch at the doors when I was out, until one day, I left her body harness on and theres no scratches!

she's pretty aggressive outside of the house, she barks at every single person that passes us, and she's even worse with other dogs, and she pulls like mad when I'm taking her for a walk!

any advice would be gratefully received, thanks..

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Hi! Join the fun. I have an 11 year old jackrussle. He does all that yours does and then some. You get used to it. Have you seen the springs in their feet? When ever he thinks he is supposed to have a snack the jumping begins. Good luck trying to train it all out of her. I gave up! I have to remind him several times to sit and stay and not move while I feed him. My husband usually feeds him and allows him to jump. He gets under foot really bad at times. Oh, and his favorite person is my husband. We play the waiting game every morning until my husband comes in from work.dog walk

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jack russell are high energy and driven. I would suggest making a list of the things you need help with, from highest priority to least threatening. if your dog is not behaving in public maybe its best to work at your home and work you way until she can behave in public other wise you have a liability on your hands. When having so many behavior issues it can feel overwhelming so if you tackle them one at a time, then it gets easier.
i would recommend visiting www.dogstardaily.com it has free videos and articles to help you with pulling, socializing and dr. ian dunbar does it so easily that it takes the frustration out of it. however ignore the age thing, and just act like you just got a dog/ puppy and work from there. -good luck

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I would suggest more formal training for your dog. For one thing, it gives your JRT more confidence, better bonding with you, exercises her mind...all good things. I would teach a "leave it" command for when your dog focuses and barks at other dogs. It's basically getting her attention back on you with treats and you do this at the first sign that your dog is focusing on other dogs. First teach it in your home with few distractions, then move to slight distractions, and then teach it outside. Most trainers will know how to coach you on this command as well as walking on a loose leash. Good luck.

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I know how you feel. Not so much about the part of her not wanting to leave your side as ours is pretty independent, but the aggressive part for sure. I used to not be able to walk him without him chasing cars, bikes, barking at peoples, dogs, kids etc...Not until a recent incident (see my post) happened when I knew I had to change his and my behaviour. Now hes pretty darn good on walks for the most part. I found lots of exercise and obediance helped. Even if it was simple leash corrections, not allowing him to walk ahead of me, or go out the door first..little things like this helped. Also anytime he does bark or jump at things I make him sit so he knows the is not allowed. I still have alot to conquer but just seeing him get better helps me know it is working. Good luck!

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Jack Russells are REALLY energetic. I think you should train him more. Good luck! little angel