Seperation Anxiety

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Barked: Mon May 7, '07 2:59pm PST 
Does your Jack suffer from Seperation Anxiety?

Rammer does, even if I go to check the mail, he cries and cries, he just hates when I leave him. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help this???shrug
Princess Fiona

The Energizer- Bunny. I keep- going...
Barked: Mon May 7, '07 8:21pm PST 
Fifi has never had any kind of seperation anxiety. But I have heard that create training can help.
Bane Zany

Barked: Tue May 8, '07 12:15am PST 
Bane had it but not any longer.. but Tawny is only 5 months and she is worse than Bane was.. she has every symptom... what i have been trying is a combination of things.. leaving the T.V. or radio on, and when i arrive home i do not greet her right away.. i know it may sound cruel at first but ive learned that it just added fuel to her fire. i only greet her after a couple of mins and before i greet her with hugs and kisses i make her do a couple of commands. it worked for Bane, and im hoping that it will work for Tawny...

GOOD LUCK with finding your solution..... and i hope i was of any help....