February 26th- Hazen turns TWO!

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Huger'er'er than- Hype!
Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 12:34am PST 
This Thursday, February 26, 2009 will be Hazen's birthday! Hazen is two years old this year!

Please help us celebrate by wishing Hazen a happy birthday by visiting the the photo gallery at www.ImNotAWhippet.com.
Once there, please find and choose one of your favorite photograph's of Hazen and then leave a comment on it. Title your comment "Happy Birthday" and then leave a special message -or hand over...paw over your keyboard to YOUR furkid, so they can leave a special greeting!

Hazen and his family cannot wait to hear from each and every one of his furfriends and fans! What a special gift this will be!