Francesca's shaking and loss of some balance

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Francesca- and Fiona

Barked: Tue Jul 22, '08 5:23pm PST 
My two year old IG, Francesca, is exhibiting some weird problems in the last month. It first started with some head shaking/tremors/shivers. Now, she appears to be afraid to go up the stairs and seems to lose her balance when trying to jump up on the bed or sofa - things she has never before had problems with. We went to the vet today and they are doing some blood work but no answers as of yet. I did some research on various sites and came up with 5 possibilities, although the symptoms don't exactly match any of the problems. Has anyone else seen any shaking/loss of balance problems in their IGs? Thanks in advance for any help for my girl.

Diane in New York

Huger'er'er than- Hype!
Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 12:38am PST 
check out igpost.com for more response; hope it's nothing serious