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Just A- Little Faith

An Amazing- Miracle Dog!
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '07 3:50am PST 
We would like to extend an invitation to visit a wonderful Italian Greyhound online community - IG Whispers (www.IGWhispers.com)
IGW is packed full of fun IG stuff, forums, photo galleries, personal IG blogs, friendly people, and much more. It is a great place to learn about the breed if you are new, and to share your experience if you are an Iggy pro! Stop by for a visit - we'd love the chance to say Hi!

www.JustALittleFaith.co m - The Story of Faith's Miracle!
www.IGWhispers.com - Online Italian Greyhound Community!

Huger'er'er than- Hype!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '07 9:11pm PST 
Hi Laura! wave

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 11:59am PST 
cheercheerapplausecheerdancing THREE CHEERS FOR IG WHISPERS!

Hey Guys;
The IG Whispers forum is a WONDERFUL, WELCOMING, WARM AND sometimes WACKY place to be; certainly it's no "Dogster" (what IS?), but it's a great place to pick up information, to visit with the wonderful members, and to know that there's no such thing as a stupid question...........and I promise NOBODY will slam you, slander your good name, ridicule you or will act as if they know everything there is to know about everything in the Universe when you post. THOSE PEOPLE RESIDE ELSEWHERE, praise Doggy-Allah!

And so...........YOU MUST COME CHECK ITOUT! Laura's the QUEEN of IGW, and she's a Type-A, so expect lots of fun variation, (stagnation is NOT her thing) and she's the type to go above and beyond to ensure that the site is up to date, informative, a fun place to be, and well, you really never know what she's got up her sleeve........so we'll see you all there soon! smile

Mia/Mojo Mom-Rhona