Hey Iggys I need your help

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Merry Christmas
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 11:32am PST 
Hi there Iggys. CAn you guys do me a favor? I need you guys to list 10 pros about owning an Iggy and why and 10 cons about owning an Iggy and why.

Mojo's the Most- Beautiful- Isabella Ever!
Barked: Tue Mar 25, '08 2:45pm PST 
1. They're unique- it's fun to have and learn about an interesting breed.
2. They're lovers- they want nothing more than your love- and food.
3. They're great bed warmers. Forget the crate. Let em sleep with you; great bonding.
4. They're K-10's; not only unique, but above and beyond any toy breed I've ever 'known'. Makes them multi-faceted.
5. They listen. When they want to.
6. They are funny! They're a laugh a minute.
7. They're beautiful animals. Short coat; no shedding; easy to take care of physical selves.
8. They don't eat a whole lot; saves $.
9. They're entertaining; they're so agile and fast that you can't help but love to watch their athletic abilities.
10. They become your children, not your pets. You end up treating them as you would a child; in a loving and compassionate manner; you need to go easy on them for they're 'creatures of Being'; they live in the moment.

1. They're unique; and you learn each and everyday-usually in a way you wish you didn't have to learn, precisely how unique they really are.
2. They're lovers......they want to be with you all the time. ALL THE TIME. Did I mention all the time?
3. They're great bed warmers who do nothing for spontaneous whoopee if you have a significant other.
4. They're multi-faceted so you never know what to expect until you step in it.
5. They listen. To the dogs who live behind us. And then, they reply.
6. They're funny! Unless you're not in the mood for 24/7 funniness.
7. They're beautiful animals who are prone to a variety of illnesses, leg breaks, etc. Their short coats make them cold and they refuse to go out in inclement weather.
8. They don't eat alot. But you have to feed them premium food; as you should all dogs/cats.
9. They're entertaining. They do their zoomies in the backyard and then come in and track dirt everywhere.
10. They become your children. More specifically; 2-year old children. With 2 iggys; I've got two 2-year olds running amuck all day long.

And that, my friend, is the best I can do re: the pros and cons of owning an Iggy, but this question was asked over a year ago, so you're probably no longer interested!

Mojo and Mia Lee