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Humphrey Lee- Haunted

I Was Born In A- Cemetery
Barked: Thu Apr 17, '14 2:25pm PST 
We gots some cute cards cheer We gots a cute hippity hoppity bunny card from Shnoopy and brofurs - dah bunny ish yellow and he ish carrying some PURRdy flowers. We gots a furry cute, sparkly baby chicken hatching out of an eggie from Angel Quinn (we knows it ish a cootie-free card laugh out loud), a beeyootiful sparkly special flowery card from Angel Alfie and hish family, and a cute card also from Mietzi and Timo of two little humans wif a kitty and a lamby and flowers, and dey also sent ush a wonderpurr German Easter bunny postcard wif it - we loves ALL our cards and our furriends.

THANK YEW, EFURRYONE hug Gosh, it'sh not Easter yet, so maybe we ish going to get a few more cards happy dance I can't wait to find out shock wink
Roger Bleu

I AM The Top Cat- In Our Home!
Barked: Fri Apr 18, '14 5:55pm PST 
Hi furiends wave Humphrey and I cannot open any of our pawmails on here today confused so we aPAWlogize fur not replying to some of yew, but we can't read them or reply to them either - eeesh. shrug Hope efurryone ish getting ready to have a wonderpurr Easter weekend. happy dance
Alfie - DB #37a - Dearly Loved

Alfie - soppy boy
Barked: Sat Apr 19, '14 3:35am PST 
I couldn't either Roger and received error 404 or something! I'm going to keep trying.

♥ - Split- ♥

Secret hiding- places are good!
Barked: Mon Apr 21, '14 7:00pm PST 
SQUEEEEEEZ! Iz gotz a card today from Reeses 'n Snicker and all da furrz at dere house! Iz an EASTER DAWGIE! Meowm is particularly fond of da ribbonz dat wuz tied around da card....iz was KITTIEZ!!

Thanks, Resses 'n Snicker 'n Furmily!

Split 'n da Byrd Brofurz
Humphrey Lee- Haunted

I Was Born In A- Cemetery
Barked: Mon Apr 28, '14 5:05pm PST 
Eeesh, thish site hash been ridiculous lately, yew guys. shrug naughty We hopes they hash gotten efurrything worked out now finally and we hear soon who our new owner is too. smile

We gots two more cute cards cheer One ish of a cute kitty wif a ducky, and that one ish from Nermal cloud 9 and dah other one ish from Snickers family and had wonderpurr kitty ribbbon tied in a cute bow around it and ish of an Easter doggy - thank yew so much, we loves both of them. party hug
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