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Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Sun May 22, '16 6:47pm PST 
Gma loves to bike inside and outside

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Wed Jun 8, '16 7:17pm PST 
Best Friend Day

Date When Celebrated : Always June 8

Best Friend Day (BFF Day) is a time to enjoy and appreciate your best friend. It's a day to honor and cherish the relationship.

If you're lucky, you have a best friend. If you are real lucky, you have a number of best friends. Best friends are very, very special people. You spend countless hours with your best friend going to events and activities, or just hanging out. You share secrets, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and disappointments with your best friend.

Some folks say you can only have one best friend. This author disagrees. You can have a couple at the same time, or several over time. Friends come and go for a variety of reasons, even BFFs are sometimes not forever. It's the result of many things, including moving, changing schools or jobs, and more. We hope that you are lucky enough to have a number of best friends over the years.

Celebrate Best Friend Day by:

Spending time with your best friend
Making efforts to find a best friend(if you don't currently have one)
Giving a small gift or card to your best friend
Calling an old best friend that you've lost touch with

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Fri Jun 17, '16 12:53pm PST 
Eat Your Vegetables Day

Date When Held : Always June 17 th

Strategically created in the middle of National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, this day is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce a healthy portion of vegetables into your diet. No doubt about it, Eat Your Vegetables Day was created to promote a more healthy diet.......for life!

On this day, you are encouraged to eat vegetables for every meal, and for a snack. Better still, try to be a vegetarian....for the day. Short of that, any additional vegetables at meal time today will honor the event, as well as make you a little healthier.

We encourage parents to let the kids help with dinner, preparing the salad and vegetables. Along the way, you tell your kids a little about the importance of vegetables for a long and healthy life.

Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Sun Jun 19, '16 5:30am PST 
wave mommy eats lots of veggies! not sure there is a veggie she dont like laugh out loud

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Tue Jun 21, '16 11:04am PST 
National Daylight Appreciation Day is observed each year on June 21. This day recognizes summer solstice (the longest day of daylight in the northern hemisphere) and encourages people to celebrate the many benefits of the sun.

National Daylight Appreciation Day is also a day to learn more about the importance of daylighting. Daylighting is using skylights, windows and other architectural openings to natural light interior spaces. Doing so helps not only to reduce energy consumption but may also have health benefits.

Some areas are designed with automatic dimming systems when natural light is present, which reduces the amount of artificial light required. The process is known as daylight harvesting.

Daylight has positive psychological effects; it can boost your mental health and help to lower depression as well as help with increased energy levels. The Vitamin D that we naturally get from the sun has many health benefits for us.

Enjoy the summer solstice, enjoy the sunshine and let the sun shine into your home!
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Thu Jun 23, '16 3:58pm PST 

LOVE THE LONGER DAYS OF SUMMER WAY UP NORTHway to gosnoopybig hugdog walk

Troublemaker - that's me!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '16 1:30pm PST 
June 27, 2016 is
Sunglasses Day

It’s Sunglasses Day! Sunglasses are quite possibly the most important fashion accessory of the entire summer season. Humans have been wearing protective eyewear for centuries, but the stylish designs we’re accustomed to today are a much more recent invention.

During the prehistoric era, the Inuit people used walrus ivory to create sun goggles, which blocked out the powerful rays of sun that reflected off the snow and ice. By the 1700s, doctors were regularly prescribing tinted glasses for vision correction, and by the 1930s the Foster Grant company was selling modern-day sunglasses on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey. On the eve of World War II, a little company called Ray Ban began producing anti-glare sunglasses for pilots. “Aviators” became the first commercially successful sunglasses.

To celebrate Sunglasses Day, pick up a new pair of shades at your local sunglasses store!
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