Today made it a year since I went to the bridge.

Katana - (fallen not- forgotten)

Katana's the- name and- pleasin's the- game
Barked: Fri Aug 16, '13 7:56pm PST 
Hey all. I'm Katana I was a shy Doberman gentleman who was a service dog. My handler and his wife both knew I would be a great one and I was. I had a few mistakes in my training and in my work but I was really awesome. Anyway I crossed the bridge one year ago today. I had a massive heart attack although the day before I died I had been feeling fine. It was just my time to go. Mom said that I went to the bridge to help my grandpa Shake be able to walk when he went to heaven.

Fat Bat Boy
Barked: Sat Aug 17, '13 11:53am PST 
hughug Hi Katana! I bet you were a GREAT service dog! Good to hear from you!!!