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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 11:32am PST 
Thank you to Nikkos for my cool card with the Bison holding up the traffic! Mom says the Canadian geese do that here. Instead of flying across the street,they waddle real slow in a single line. big grin The more cars waiting,the slower they go. Iffen there are lots of cars waiting, they cross part way, then they decide to turn around and go back the other way laugh out loud
Nermal, we have 4 adult turkeys and 4 chicks that visit. One chick is a bit smaller then the others.
♥ - Snoopy- ♥

Cats just wanna- have fun!
Barked: Mon Sep 2, '13 6:56pm PST 
We're just now getting back into Catster! Sawry for da delay. Iz okayz if I just copiez 'n pastiez what we wrote on da facebook?

Diz was my latest entry dere:

Wez been awayz from da puter while Meowm'z been at da Dragon*Con dis weekend. We wantz to thankz our dear Pen Pawz for da cardz we gots!! ~ Thankz to Daisy Mae Sunday Times (COOL car!) ~ Thankz to Angels Star & Sheba (Jennifer Stark) --> Iz cool mustache on da cat! ~ dancingThankz to Timo and Mietzi! REALLY cool cat wif ALL da remotez & da gift box! ~cheer
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Barked: Mon Sep 2, '13 6:58pm PST 
Meowm is in HEAPZ ofz troublez wif uz! She juz foundz a postie from MarinaTosca in da stack of billz she wuz payin! naughty

Iz a really purrty postie, Tosca & Marina! Meowm sez it sortza remindz her of da pix she seez of da Scotland! (P.S. - You're righz...your meowmmy cheated on da hikin' thingz, but we wonz tell!) Thankz, buddiez!
way to go

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Barked: Mon Sep 2, '13 7:00pm PST 
The Byrd Brofurz would like to report that they have received two more mailz from dere Pen Pawz!
(1) Reeses Thomas & his hugeszt furmily sent a cool cardz wif foammie stickerz insidez!
(2) Augie Andrea Kenner sendz a Maryland postie! Dat state lookz like funz!

Thankz, Pen Pawz Furiendz!

wave (from August 19)
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Barked: Mon Sep 2, '13 7:03pm PST 
We also gotz posties from Pepper Cain and Orvis! We thankz dem on da facebook, but wantz to thankz dem here, tooz!

Kitty Pryde

Barked: Wed Sep 4, '13 8:47am PST 
Finally! We is posting our posties! Mommy was out of town and didn't get ta check the mail right away!

We furst gots a Postie from Nikkos all the way from North Dakota with some big animals on it-bigger than us MOL!!!
Then we gots one from Daisy Mae of a kewl car from a car show!!!
Our next postie was from the Byrd kitties and came all the way from Washington DC, where our grandpaw lives by of a giant housie with big windows I would loves ta lounge in!
And the final one was from Frankie, a goggie that is part Keeshond like my angel Uncle Marley! It is of a pretty little deer =)

Yippies fur posties!!! We hopes al ours got out! We had a delay from Mommy's last minute trip, but finally we gots ta sends them awl!kitty
Xena- Princess- Warrior - DG#23

Xena the Warrior- Princess
Barked: Wed Sep 4, '13 3:23pm PST 
Hi Kitty Pryde we wanted to let you know we got your postie yesterday...what a special place your Mom is from! looks like it would be fun to visit!

happy danceXena and family
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Barked: Fri Sep 6, '13 2:23am PST 
We just received 2 more postieshamster dance

1 from our besties The Byrd Brofurs of beautiful buildings in Washington - we love the one with the domed roof and all the pillars. Thankyou Snoopy & boys - we love it!

The other is from our sweet friend Daisy Mae ST of a 1963 Mercury Monterey - what a stunner! Yes, we have lots of vintage cars here and often see lots of them on the road going to ralleys. One of the oldest ones we've seen is a 1908 Wolseley-Siddeley. I found a photo of one on the Net and tried and tried to upload it but had no success frown

Angel Alfie and Family

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Barked: Thu Sep 12, '13 4:48pm PST 
Thank you Bella for my postie! It looks like a fun place to explore! Thank you again.
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