My First Catahoula!

Bear CGC

Fun loving,- ultra-personable- service dog
Barked: Sat Aug 3, '13 6:24pm PST 
Bear is my first Catahoula and he's so awesome! honestly at first I didn't know what to do with this guy. He was a giant mess! He'd shred anything he could reach during the day and we'd come home at night to a living room that looked like a tornado blew through it. But now that Bear's a service dog he's so much different! He loves having a job, which is one of the traits of the Catahoula.

He's fun, friendly, and I'm nuts about him! I never thought I'd have a dog who was my favorite pet. I've always been a cat person. But Bear brought me over to the dog side and life there is quite good!

Barked: Thu Aug 8, '13 6:59pm PST 
Beretta is our first Catahoula too! She will be a service dog also! We leearned quickly that she needed A LOT of exercise to keep her from tearing up the house!
Bear CGC

Fun loving,- ultra-personable- service dog
Barked: Sat Aug 10, '13 5:06am PST 
Glad to know I'm not alone on having a Catahoula as a service dog! Awesome! Bear can me quite destructive if I don't keep him occupied. Lots of exercise is a must for him! He's such a ball of energy! If I could harness that energy, I'd be able to do so much! LOL!

Last night we took him with us to Panera Bread and he did beautifully! He's such a good boy! And I was surprised but one lady in the restaurant recognized his breed! I thought that was cool.