Happy Birthdays for June 2013!

Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Sun Jun 2, '13 5:06am PST 
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Happy Birthday to our June birthday friends! It is fun to have a summer birthday and be outside and enjoy the nice weather!

I am making something special, with angel food cake and white frosting and lots of fresh fruit to be served with the cake. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are in the bowl. The balloons are red, blue and white and streamers - we have a gold star balloon in the middle! There are glitters on the table and of course, pupsi and water in the cooler.

Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Birthday, our list is:

Remo June 2 14
Jade 6/6/2006
Maui June 11, 1999
Jerry 6/15 7
Sandy 6/18 4

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