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Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Barked: Thu May 16, '13 8:55am PST 
Just added Amy Eve to the group she is learning really fast that she can get by with a few naughties. I feel safe turning her training over to our Queen Of Naughty and her assistant Brandy Lynn to teach her things only girls can teach her. Just so you know I do watch over every one of our naughty Pups here so even though I am not here physically I am here in Spirit rejoicing over each and every naughty deed you do. Lets keep up the good or is that bad Naughty deeds and make Amy eve feel welcome her.

Angel Boy Adam chewbacca
Amy Eve

Barked: Thu May 16, '13 9:03am PST 
Oh WOWser big brother yes I will try very hard tow ear the Naughty Pup crown and keep up your naughty deeds. already nipping on mommy's fingers and remarking the spots you marked but Mommy and granny are taking to drastic measures and spraying this stuff that covers the smells. Sure have had fun clearing out all the weeklings who can not handle great Yorkie Farts in Texas. and I guess yall saw on the news about all those storms North West of us well that is what Yorkie farts do if makes for crazy weather. Oh Brandy Lynn get ready to head for cover cause I sent all that bad weather your way.
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Amy Eve

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Hope, NPC- (In Loving- Memory)

Queen- of Naughty-
Barked: Thu May 16, '13 8:17pm PST 
Welcome Amy Eve!

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful forever family. I know that you have many naughty deeds in your future. I, the queen of the naughty pups, hereby declare you Princess of Naughty, Amy Eve.


Hope, NPC
Queen of Maughty

Brandy Lynn

born to be wild
Barked: Sat Jun 1, '13 2:23pm PST 
Amy those storms wont bother me I am too naughty for them. But I will say glad to have your naughties here. And glad you have a great forever.
Amy Eve

Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 4:36pm PST 
Well gals guess is howed mommy and Granny. This morning i went in as close to that white things that humans sit on. They close that door so I squatted right at the door and left a huge yellow river. It ran under the door almost to that throne looking thing and when Mommy got up to go in there she almost slipped in it cause the tile was so wet still. Needless to say mommy did not make it all the way to the throne to sit down and wet her adult diaper thingy. A coulpe of nights ago I snuck out the back door and it got shut before I came back in cause they did not know I was outside. That sent both Mommy and Granny into what Mommy called Panic Mode. Humans get upset over the slightest thigns. I was just showing off my new Harness to allt he wild life close by and any neighbors close enough to see me.
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Amy Eve