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Barked: Mon May 6, '13 1:12pm PST 
hey guys, this is your teacher ms. mayble! i will teach you safety and why it is good to be cautious. well anyways i haven't been caught in any sticky situations after my mommy adopted me form the vet, but what about y'all?

what sticky situation has happened to you, and what could you do to be safe if it ever happened to you again?

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Barked: Mon May 6, '13 1:33pm PST 
hello ms. mayble! i am sapphire! wow, i'm the first one to turn my work in! but anyways, i was thinking about sticky situations like you said. i have had many, but here's one i'll share with the class....

when i was brought home from the vet after being spayed, they brought me home in a cage. that sleepy medicine hadn't worn off yet so i was still a little bit crazy (if you know what i mean....) so they took the cage out to the deck and opened the door. my first intention was to dash out and be free, so i did. i ran and ran and ran till i got to the woods and i stayed there over night until the medicine wore off. i lost a life then and was very lucky to survive but i'm safe at home now.

what i think i could have done better was to think before i ran off like that, because my stitches could of gotten loose and that would've been bad. so that's what i think i should've done better.

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Barked: Tue May 7, '13 1:17pm PST 
hi ms. mayble! here's a sticky situation i got in....

ok, so when i was just a little kitten i went over to the place where the door to the screen porch was open, the humans made it to where we could get in and out, so i didn't know it was about to close. i stood there and groomed myself and the second i put my paw down, the door closed on it and no one noticed so it stayed on my paw ALL NIGHT. when the door was finally opened, my paw was as flat as a pancake. but i'm fine now.

what i learned from that experience is to never put your paw in a door frame because you'll never know when the door will close on it.

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Barked: Tue May 7, '13 6:46pm PST 
Dad built us a two story screened in catio. at night mom closes the window where the cat door goes thru the screen. one time she was calling us all in and she thought everyfur had come in the house so she closed the window. well i was hiding on the 1st floor and didn't come when mom called so i got left outside for a while. lesson learned ~ come when mom calls!cat on moon