Secret Paws Game!!

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Barked: Fri Apr 19, '13 11:50am PST 
We are going to start a new "game"....bear with me as we learn how to do this's how this will work....
Everyone interested in doing a Secret Pen PAws Pal will sign up....everyone that signs up will be matched secretly to another fur....for one week, you will drop anonymous hints to your secret paw pal....they will have to guess who you are based on clues you provide....if they guess who you are within that one week, you can send them a small giftie (this can be a zealie or a mousie or something small that doesn't cost much money.....a nice message will be sufficient...whatever is best for you).....

I am going to limit this to catster here (not facebook) for this first time....that way, we can all figure out how this will work at first...fair enough?

So, if you are interested in pawticipating, please send me a private message...DO NOT sign up on this thread....that way, no furs will know who signed up and they will have to guess!!!!!

We'll take signups for 1 week....please send me a message by next Friday, APril 26 if you would like to pawticipate!!!!


Born on the 4th- of July
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 1:28pm PST 
IPhamster dance sound ingeresting =)

Sheba n star

Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 11:47am PST 
We have several pawticipants for the secret paws game so far....just a reminder to send me a pmail if you would like to pawticipate.....I'll be sending out match-ups in the next day or so, so keep an eye out!

Ginny aka- Dangerous- Beans

Have purrs will- eat
Barked: Wed May 1, '13 5:39pm PST 

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Molly Angel

Molly- Madison:mews- reporter
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 7:49pm PST 
Hi Ginny wave Good to see you smile

Barked: Wed May 8, '13 9:50am PST 
I wil be pmailing each of you that signed up for the secret paws game today! This pmail will include the fur you will be the secret paw to and instructions on how to proceeed!!!! The fur you send to may not be the same fur that will be sending to you!!!!!! Look for a pmail from me today!!!! Woohoo!!!!
Alfie - DB #37a - Dearly Loved

Alfie - soppy boy
Barked: Wed May 8, '13 2:48pm PST 
Hi Ginny! Good to see you here! smile

Barked: Thu May 9, '13 12:18pm PST 
Everyone's secret paw pal name and ID has been pmailed to them...please check your pmail and follow the instructions!!! Have a great time!!!!!
Mietzi- Katze&hearts- ;

I'm a wild thing
Barked: Tue May 14, '13 3:53am PST 
I've gotten hints from my secret paw cheer Who could it be thinking If we want to guess who it is, are we supposed to put that here or pawmail them? confused

Barked: Tue May 14, '13 12:27pm PST 
Mietze, you can pmail them directly if you'd like....we will do a reveal here at the exciting!!!!!! yay!
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