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✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 8:43am PST 
Each Morning I will put in a Prayer to help start your day and a devotional to lift you up! These come from My
Daily Prayer Book and it was given to Me by someone very Special in My Life! This book has brought Me closer to
God and the Holy Spirit is ever present in My Life.
I wish for each and Everyone of You to be Blessed by
these prayers and devotionals. Open your Heart to
Jesus and Let His Light and your Faith shine thru You
to others! This is My prayer for each Member!

God Bless ALL,
Mamma Shawna little angelbig hug
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 9:07am PST 
little angelbig hugwelcome Good Morning to ALL! Whatever time zone your are in, We hope this blesses your day!big hug

Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we
have obtained access to this Grace in which We stand.-
Romans 5:1-2 Amen.

Every day I blow it. Every day I need your Grace, Lord. I am thankful that it isn't necessary to live a perfect life to have access to your Grace. If that were the case, I'd be in big trouble. But instead of turning
your back on Me when I veer from Your paths, You are
always ready to welcome Me with open arms. You simply
call Me to trust in Your saving, relationship-restoring
Grace. That's where I'm standing right now-in that Amazing Grace of yours asking You to forgive Me and
restore Me once again so I can resume good fellowship with You.

Relationship with God fills life with joy!

God Bless ALL,
Let the Lord shine thru you today,
Love to ALL,
Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts)
Mamma Shawna♥♥

Please Have a Wonderful Day wherever You live!big grinwave
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sun Apr 14, '13 10:03am PST 
wavebig hugwelcome Here is the Prayer and Devotional for today. Hope you are having a Blessed Sunday! big hug

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.
He comforts us in all our troubles so that we will be able to give them the same comfort God has Given Us.
2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 NLT Amen.

Lord, only You can take all the heartaches and failures
in our lives and turn them into compassionate messages of hope for others. We care for an aging parent who passes away, and so we are able to relate to the needs
of the elderly around us. We go through a divorce, and we can then give genuine advice during our interactions with single Mothers. Our pain becomes others' gain.
Lord, Sometimes looking back over our shoulders brings us hope for the opportunities that are surely ahead of
us. Thank You for second chances.

Comfort isn't ours alone-it is to be shared with those
we encounter every day.

Nancy Parker Brummett
Christine A. Dallman

God Bless You ALL,
Let God's Love Shine thru You.
Love and Hugs,
Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts) The Kirk Furs, Otis and Squeezix
Mamma Shawna♥♥big hug

✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 12:16pm PST 
wavewelcomebig hug<

Give liberally and be ungrudging when You do so, for on this account the Lord Your God will bless You, in all
your work and in all that You undertake. Since there
will never cease to be some in need on the earth,
I therefore command You,"Open Your hand to the poor
and needy neighbor in Your land." Deuteronomy 15: 10-11

Will there always be poor people among us? Yes, God's
Word says as much, but it's not in the context of
hopelessness. It's in the context of a command for us
to be generous. And it's a very beautiful picture, really, of the heart of God toward all humanity. Our
tangible gifts to help the poor mirror God's spiritual
gifts that keep flowing toward us to meet our needs.
As our hands extend food, clothing, and shelter to
those who lack it. God's hands extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to give us all that our needy souls lack.

Nancy Parker Brummett
Christine a Dallman

Spread your love
wherever You go.
-Mother Teresa

God Bless ALL,
Let His Light Shine thru you each day,
Smile at someone today!
Angel Hugs, Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts),
Mamma Shawna♥♥
little angelbig hug
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 10:04am PST 
little angelwelcomebig hug
God said, "This is the sign of the covenant that I make
between Me and You and every living creature that is with You, for all future generations:I have set my bow in the
clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.-Genesis 9: 12-13 Amen.

God gave the rainbow as a sign of His Promise to never
flood the entire earth again. The colors that spread
out in spectrum, as sunlight passes through water droplets
in the sky, speak of God's faithfulness in keeping His
promise to Noah and to all the generations that have
followed. Faithfulness marks God's character. It is
who He is, through and through. Let every rainbow we
see remind us of God's faithful love, and let praise flow from our hearts, to the one who always keeps
His Promises.

Lord, Thank You for rainbows and all other reminders
of your faithful love to Me. Open My eyes to see each
one today, so I can delight in your promises and give you praise.

Nancy Parker Brummett
Christine A. Dallman

God Bless You Today and Always,
Let God's Love Shine thru You today,
Smile at someone today,
Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts)
Mamma Shawna♥♥
little angelbig hug

When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 9:49pm PST 
wave We usually get here at night, Molly, but these are sweet at bedtime, too! Thanks fur posting! flowers

To Know Me Is To- Love Me
Barked: Thu Apr 18, '13 12:36am PST 
You will never know this side of Heaven who you have helped today. It's like the smile that you give to someone you pass in your day, you don't know how far it will go! You smile and let God do the rest!
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sat Apr 20, '13 8:43am PST 
big hugbig hug Thank You, Dandi and Hershey for reading "Morning Prayer and Devotional"! I do have a night time Devotional
I can also post. rainbow

God Bless Each and Every Fur and Family,
My Hope and prayer that this thread,
Touches someone's Heart, and help
them in anyway possible.

Love and Hugs,
Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts)
Mamma Shawna♥♥
little angelrainbowhugbig hug
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sat Apr 20, '13 8:52am PST 
wavedogwelcomebig hug I am sorry for not posting a couple of days, we have a situation in our Family, My Husband lost His job, Thursday afternoon. After over 3 years. We are devastated.
We are asking for your prayers, We trust that God will see us
thru this very scary and unending worry that We are experiencing. We know this happens all over the world, and
especially lately. We ask for the Lord's guidance and peace.

God Bless ALL,
Love to ALL,
Hugs to ALL,
Thank You for your prayers,
The Kirk Furs, Myself and My Husband Bill♥♥
rainbowflowersbig huglittle angel
✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Barked: Sat Apr 20, '13 9:06am PST 
big grinwavelittle angelflowerswelcomebig hug Good Morning!

Many proclaim themselves loyal, but who can find one worthy
of Trust?-Proverbs 20:6 Amen

Lord, it's hard to mend a friendship when trust has been broken. And yet when we open Your Word, we see how you
continued to love Your people even when they abandoned
You again and again! Give us that same ability to love
and forgive in the face of broken trust. Heal our
relationships as only You can.

Nancy Parker Brummett
Christine A. Dallman

A wise Man will make haste to forgive, because He knows
the true value of time, and will not suffer it to pass
away in unnecessary pain.-Samuel Johnson

God Bless You Today, as Always,
Peace Be with You,
Smile at Someone today,
Say something nice to someone today,
Let Us Be grateful to God for everything He provides for
Each and Everyone of Us,
Love to ALL,
Hugs to ALL,
Molly Mae(Forever In Our Hearts)
The Kirk Furs and Mamma Shawna♥♥

little angelrainbowhugflowersbig hug
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