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Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 11:20pm PST 
Today was the dreaded v-e-t annual, and everything is healthy pending a HW test, which is always done at the end of the day.

She had a bump the size of a bb on her leg that we were worried about, but it turns out to be a little cyst full of oil and waxy stuff.

Taggert got put on Benadryl because he was displaying reverse sneezing and a little cherry eye, so the vet put him on a 12 mg per 12 hour regimen with eye rinses with the nutrivet eye rinse from the store.

Foxxy was very good with the needle probing the cyst and with her annual shots. she didn't squirm a bit. However she is 8 POUNDS so it's back on the diet and exercise regimen for her.

She's starting to show a little age. Lenticular sclerosis in the eyes, and a couple white whiskers. We've revised her age to about 8 years rather than 6. As many of you know, we got her after she had a litter of puppies so we fudged low to get a better deal on the spay, but it's easier to tell now that she's a little older what her probable age really is
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Well dat bump would be scarey for sure ..... we glads all went well for ya!
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Good for you Foxxy! awesome news. . .
8 years old huh - same as me! we are still pretty young dancingsnoopy

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So glad your checkups went well!! cheer Eight is a great age!

My mom adores puppies, but she always says there's something very special about mature and older dogs.

Had to add, I think Foxxy looks so young!

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